This was written when Fionn was 13. Caoilte was 11. a long time ago, and yet not all different.


This was written from the younger son’s perspective….then aged TEN!… We raised them very close together and they had similar interests and hobbies which was GREAT in terms of Fionn socialsing!

you NEVER real know as a parent how you are balancing Yourself but it is good to waken up and ask…. Helen 


10 pros and cons of living with a brother who has aspergers

Hi! I’m Caoilte. I am Fionn’s 10 year old brother and I have a few things to say.


  1. Fionn says very random things that make me laugh uncontrollably! For example,if I am in the middle of a conversation Fionn might shout HIPPO CRISIS!
  2. When saying something, Fionn explains things VERY clearly! So clearly, in fact, you will never have to ask him ever again!
  3. When mum or dad do send Fionn up to clean the room, he does all of it…even my share!
  4. Fionn…

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