Fionn loves his facts. obliviously.

But we luckily managed to change his TOPICS of specialism to age-appropriate ones.


He is like a walking encyclopedia of films

  • who is in them
  • what they score
  • what type of content
  • years
  • details…

We were in the kitchen the other day discussing David Bowie….and i said i always loved the way he had 2 different coloured eyes..
and Fionn says casually ” Heterochromia “.
So we all stopped eating and looked at him…and he says “Whaaaat?? The say the word in X-Men: first class. Like it’s in about the fist MINUTE!!”…when Professor X says to some girl that has different coloured eyes that she is MUTANT, cos she is different, she has Hetrochromia….”

we all felt very “UN ASPERGIAN” and Jealous.

we have our own little MUTANT!