Today I watched Temple Grandin the movie…and i thought WOW!

I already knew who she was but i had actually never watched the full film.

Mummy has read me some things that she has written, and i thought WOW – this lady is like me in some ways. The book we liked best was “Bright not Broken” – beacause the title is kind of about me almost. About how others have treated me – but mostly my really gret family. I do feel there is NOTHING wrong with me.

That’s why “different not less” is my favourite phrase in the film.

Its similar to my phrase “autistic and proud” so i really like how she feels.

She now loves the way she is and she doesn’t want to be CURED, like I don’t.

I don’t anyone who has seen her film or read her books would want to be cured.

She used her autism to think about the things she was really into, and to become a specialist inside  the world of what she is interested in – kind animal treatment.

She didn’t pretend it was easy to grow up and have an easy school life…she was herself all the time:

  • she thought different
  • she took things up literally
  • she hated contact – which i found sad – cos i think everyone needs a hug sometimes.
  • her classmates treted her really badly
  • because she was different
  • but she was smart.
  • I loved at the end of college that she had made friends respect her – so she showed how far she had came.
  • One of her best ever teachers said that every challenge is like “a new door” to walk through
  • After she got this challenge she would accept any challenge and rise up to it!
  • Even when people tried to stop her  she would be determined to still do it.
  • she seemed to understand animals more than people – when i was very young i didn’t really understand either!
  • when people bullied her, or put her down she grew stronger cos she learned from what happened each time.
  • She was very very hard on herself when she couldn’t do things and i think that showed she KNEW she could do it and that is a really good thing. It made me proud to be autistic.
  • i thought it was funny when she wanted to talk about things that interested her and not anyone else, cos that kind of reminded me of how my mind works sometimes.
  • She realised – and only a few of the teachers did, that she had her own ways of learning. but she always GOT there….like my phrase about joining the dots…in the wrong order but i get the picture right in the end.
  • The way she kept pictures in her head reminds me of me and me DVD clips and things…i can see them so clearly.
  • Her sensory issues were very like mine and the film did show them well – like how tiny noises can feel really loud, and how material can’t be scratchy.
  • The HUG machine was brilliant. i would LOVE one…but i kind of have one – my MUM…when i ask for a squish.
  • The melt downs were really well done- when it showed the noises getting too loud, and people crowding her and it was really effective. it was really how it feels! Her mum knew she needed space to cool down before she talked to her. That was well done too.
  • i liked the way that she also didn’t “get” death – its a confusing thing for me.
  • She was a really outside the box thinker. All the other people thought she was silly and weird but all the time she was more CARING than all of them .
  • She saw things differently – she even got down and pretended to be a cow to see things from their perspective.
  • Thats why i think you HAVE to have aspergers to be a genius at it!
  • The end of the film made me feel really “emotious” – I was so really happy and proud when she stood up and spoke, and when she thanked her mum for helping her progress and never giving up nd making her as independent as she can be. That is exactly wht my parents do for me…and it helps so much.
  • It was a really feel good film cos i could understand it ALL
  • so could all of my family
  • my dad was a bit teary at the end…so he got it too!

I hope that i can have a really good life like she has.

She gets to work at something she enjoys and thats what i want.

Temple Grandin you are really a inspiring ambassador.


From Fionncow