the involuntary things we parents keep pointing out… again…and again…and again… but is part of the programming! Helen x IMG_1876

First of all i Love Asperger’s.

But there are some things about it that are quite annoying – or maybe make other people annoyed…cos when I am doing them i don’t always notice.

  • I  can’t sit in  quiet place without making a noise. Not a bad noise but i just feel that there needs to be sound. So if i am on my own i start singing and stuff.
  • if I am anxious  i can’t stand quiet and I talk, talk, talk….about really random things. Not related to anything like what we were talking about.
  • when I am in the car I keep asking questions if i don’t have my iPod in. Its kinda like my body is bored doing nothing and mouth needs to talk…eventually someone says “Fionn stop talking for a while!”
  • I need noise . so even if I am playing my iPad, I turn on the tele (which mum always says is way too loud) to make background noise.
  • scenes. I have this thing i always noticed i could do .. I used to say it was like having a DVD player in my head, cos i can replay in my mind whole programmes and films that I love.I do that a lot.that kind of explains the next one.
  • I recite “SCENES” – or that’s what mum and dad call them. I just remember a funny bit from a film and i keep saying it. My brother joins in which drives the rest of the family MAD. my most annoying time for doing scenes is at dinner time.
  • when I try to keep my mouth quiet my body still feels the quietness, and I start tapping my hands or my feet. I don’t even know that i am doing it It just happens..and the first thing i know is someone says “Fionn stop tapping”.
  • It is really hard to keep quiet and sit still during a topic in a subject that i am not enjoying. But I think Mrs H my assistant knows the signs now, like Lorna did, and she sort of taps me, or makes a face and I know what it is to remind me.
  • I always suck pens! Then i can never understand why my pens stop working! I think that one is the older version of when I was doing when I used to chew toys and bite my clothes.
  • when there is an unexpected loud noise, like someone dropping something, I am always the first to react!
  • mum has this phrase for me “think first…talk second” cos sometimes before a sentence has finished I have asked something out of order.
  • At home where i can be very relaxed, I am always interrupting people to tell them something that I think is more interesting. I don’t mean to do it…but my brain just can’t wait!
  • I was actually humming there again…when I was supposed to be thinking! Mum just told me!
  • Sometimes when my mind is meant yo be on my work, I ask some unrelated and irrelevant question  – thankfully I am careful to only let this happen at home when I am relaxed.
  • Even when I am supposed to be resting, I can’t stop tapping…i think cos i love rhythm and music that really doesn’t help 🙂
  • the mess! I am so messy. My school bag, my bedroom, my wardrobe, my books when I am doing homework – they are everywhere!
  • i can be so impatient…that i short cut ..the teachers know now to tell me how many words or sentences to write in an answer – which is helpful. and Mrs H takes homework down properly …mine is always a bit short! 😦

Most of the time during school I am being careful…but at home…the real me can pop out.

My family don’t really mind too much!

And anyhow….i don’t mind their bad habits either 🙂

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