different not less

aspergers has strengths

” Aspergers is not easy BUT there are things an aspie is GOOD at, and those are the ones he should learn that other people may NOT be good at, and he should try to love them and work on. Some differences are GOOD! “
by Fionn 27/01/2016



photographic memory. MUTANT.

Fionn loves his facts. obliviously.

But we luckily managed to change his TOPICS of specialism to age-appropriate ones.


He is like a walking encyclopedia of films

  • who is in them
  • what they score
  • what type of content
  • years
  • details…

We were in the kitchen the other day discussing David Bowie….and i said i always loved the way he had 2 different coloured eyes..
and Fionn says casually ” Heterochromia “.
So we all stopped eating and looked at him…and he says “Whaaaat?? The say the word in X-Men: first class. Like it’s in about the fist MINUTE!!”…when Professor X says to some girl that has different coloured eyes that she is MUTANT, cos she is different, she has Hetrochromia….”

we all felt very “UN ASPERGIAN” and Jealous.

we have our own little MUTANT!



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it may be easier if EVERYONE knew i was autistic.

it may be easier if EVERYONE knew i was autistic.

That’s probably a weird statement to make but everywhere i go i have to be with people who GET me and know about me. This matters so much cos:

  • they  can relate to me.
  • they can watch out for me.
  • they can prevent me from getting into situations i couldn’t handle.
  • they won’t talk about stuff that annoys me – i don’t want to hear made up or true details about who does what – that is disrespectful and not my business.
  • part of the reason these people are my closest friends is because they don’t behave like that.
  • my CLOSEST friends are extremely important in my case…and we do gt along pretty well!

I told all my form class that i was autistic in grammar school in the first days there. and that means i have never really had any trouble in school or with those friends outside of school.

SOME friends would like to be older that they are, and socialise in ways i might not be comfortable with – that’s their choice and not yet mine. But these people i try not to hang out with these people  on my OWN as i wouldn’t be able or want to or feel comfortable with to  that chat. I usually have a few of my closer friends with me.

Every-time i meet a new social situation i help myself by sticking with my friends for guidance or security. I feel a lot safer that way. Cos in every new situation i have to learn my way around the rules and how they work.

When someone sees me i don’t look wildly different –

  • there are clues sometimes…
  • twitchy mouth at one side,
  • fiddling,
  • not sitting still,
  • standing with my neck in a bent awkward position,
  • poor eye contact…
  • but they are SMALL clues so people don’t make allowances for me unless they know me.

so i tell ANYONE that i am close to, or get close to that i have autism cos it explains my being a bit different. And it means THEY are added to the group who keep a eye out for me.

but i DO think…SOMETIMES it would be handy if i looked somehow autistic ..or a big sign on my head so EVERYONE would get me, and give me SPACE, not put me under peer pressure, and keep me safe.

oh and by the WAY…thanks to all the friends who DO look out for me. i am very grateful,:)


“lie down there Fionn!”

I had to go to see a physiotherapist cos I have a bad muscle in an ankle. It’s messed up cos i played football while it was sore.

I had never been to a physio before

So I had never BEEN to one before ,i had no idea what to expect.

Dad drove me out but mum made appointment.

So the man (Paul)  asked me about the injury and everything.

Then i had to take off my shoes and socks and her started examining me.

I had to stand up.

He started showing me stretches i should be doing while i was standing.

Then he told me to lie down.

i did.

except he hadn’t said “ON THE BED”.

So i had lay down on the floor.

He saw where the confusion was for me…. and THEN  told me to lie on the bed.

you NEVER grow out of LITERAL thinking!


yes my family have had a GREAT laugh at it, and been slagging me off. :)


hygiene things, “sensatious”-ness and aspergers.

hygiene things, “sensatious”ness and aspergers.

written a while ago but still so true.

  • HAIRBRUSHING: has always been a big problem. i hated it. when i was younger mum had to stand in front of me and warn me what she was doing. And after each brush of the hair i would jump, but she put her hand on my head and put hard pressure on, (an OT told her to). but i still hated it. NOW i get my hair cut in a way that it just messes with the towel and i NEVER have to brush it.
  • HAIR WASHING: i do wash my hair well now in the shower. Daddy had to say every time “look up so high you can see the sky” cos i never remembered to .i hated getting water in my eyes. HATED.
  • EAR WASHING: i don’t wash my ears cos it annoys me. and for some reason my earwax doesn’t seem to ever become a problem. Sometimes when i was smaller mam would scrub hard behind my ears when i was missing it and it hurt. makes me wince.
  • NECK WASHING: now that i am showering myself every day i have got used to this. It was a problem when mum was doing it, cos it felt like she was always doing it too hard.
  • BODY ODOUR ON OTHERS: i can not stand it. Sometimes it is s “different” smell – like corn rows wax can annoy me. But i HATE bad body odour. This year is worse than usual as i get older i wish EVERYBODY showered and used DEODORANT every day!… it actually does make it hard for me to do my work if someone near me smells a bit sweaty.
  • TEETH CLEANING: i brush my teeth FAR TOO MUCH – or mum and dad think I brush them way too much. The reason i brush them as often is i can’t STAND when other people have bad breath and so i brush mine in case i would have a breath like that. Mum and dad say no in case in say it becomes too freaky and a problem.
  • EAR WAX : i don’t have ear wax if i see other people with it it makes me feel all horrible. My bother had a hearing problem and for some reason his ears produced a lot of wax and i used to HATE seeing it.
  • SALIVA and SNOT: THIS IS CRUEL. I can barely stand to mention it. This is the reason i don’t like babies. NOT in a cruel way but i have no contact with them until they are less drooly. I can’t even stand when sometimes has a runny nose. I can’t even stand people sniffing obviously cos i know what is up there. THIS topic is the one that freaks me out the most on hygiene.
  • NAIL CUTTING: i HATE this. My nails always look way too long most of the time. My toe nails are EVEN WORSE – sometimes at night i kinda rip pieces off them so they don’t have to be done! it’s the TENSION of getting it done and the noise of it.i HATE it

photo (26)

  • I shower every morning. I HAVE to get up and be clean.
  • I always use deodorant and hair gel
  • by the way i DO have really good hygiene .
  • i guess these things are all kinda SENSATIOUS – too sensory for normals
  • is this an APSERGER’s thing or a ME thing?

by the way… do loads of us have curved “pinkie fingers”….mine are pretty sore to put together with my other fingers..LOOKphoto (27)

photo 3 (7)

this video “dear teacher” reminds me of so many things

this video reminds me of so many things

dear teacher i am different…

i know how tricky it is in school

i understood how every one of those children felt.

and yet i know it is HARD for teachers to see these things unless you can explain it to them,

i wrote my tips for teachers down,

but sometimes i need to go to a specific teacher and get him or her to break things down with me, and tell them where i don’t get it their way, and could they explain it different. The GOING up to the teacher would have been hard for me when i was younger, but i KNOW i need to tell them when i am not getting the stuff i class. So i have learned that is the best thing to do.

but i really thought the video gave off a GOOD message i think so I am sharing it.

AND my blog to teachers my tips for teachers to understand autism in me.