hygiene things, “sensatious”-ness and aspergers.

hygiene things, “sensatious”ness and aspergers.

written a while ago but still so true.

  • HAIRBRUSHING: has always been a big problem. i hated it. when i was younger mum had to stand in front of me and warn me what she was doing. And after each brush of the hair i would jump, but she put her hand on my head and put hard pressure on, (an OT told her to). but i still hated it. NOW i get my hair cut in a way that it just messes with the towel and i NEVER have to brush it.
  • HAIR WASHING: i do wash my hair well now in the shower. Daddy had to say every time “look up so high you can see the sky” cos i never remembered to .i hated getting water in my eyes. HATED.
  • EAR WASHING: i don’t wash my ears cos it annoys me. and for some reason my earwax doesn’t seem to ever become a problem. Sometimes when i was smaller mam would scrub hard behind my ears when i was missing it and it hurt. makes me wince.
  • NECK WASHING: now that i am showering myself every day i have got used to this. It was a problem when mum was doing it, cos it felt like she was always doing it too hard.
  • BODY ODOUR ON OTHERS: i can not stand it. Sometimes it is s “different” smell – like corn rows wax can annoy me. But i HATE bad body odour. This year is worse than usual as i get older i wish EVERYBODY showered and used DEODORANT every day!… it actually does make it hard for me to do my work if someone near me smells a bit sweaty.
  • TEETH CLEANING: i brush my teeth FAR TOO MUCH – or mum and dad think I brush them way too much. The reason i brush them as often is i can’t STAND when other people have bad breath and so i brush mine in case i would have a breath like that. Mum and dad say no in case in say it becomes too freaky and a problem.
  • EAR WAX : i don’t have ear wax if i see other people with it it makes me feel all horrible. My bother had a hearing problem and for some reason his ears produced a lot of wax and i used to HATE seeing it.
  • SALIVA and SNOT: THIS IS CRUEL. I can barely stand to mention it. This is the reason i don’t like babies. NOT in a cruel way but i have no contact with them until they are less drooly. I can’t even stand when sometimes has a runny nose. I can’t even stand people sniffing obviously cos i know what is up there. THIS topic is the one that freaks me out the most on hygiene.
  • NAIL CUTTING: i HATE this. My nails always look way too long most of the time. My toe nails are EVEN WORSE – sometimes at night i kinda rip pieces off them so they don’t have to be done! it’s the TENSION of getting it done and the noise of it.i HATE it

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  • I shower every morning. I HAVE to get up and be clean.
  • I always use deodorant and hair gel
  • by the way i DO have really good hygiene .
  • i guess these things are all kinda SENSATIOUS – too sensory for normals
  • is this an APSERGER’s thing or a ME thing?

by the way… do loads of us have curved “pinkie fingers”….mine are pretty sore to put together with my other fingers..LOOKphoto (27)

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this video “dear teacher” reminds me of so many things

this video reminds me of so many things

dear teacher i am different…

i know how tricky it is in school

i understood how every one of those children felt.

and yet i know it is HARD for teachers to see these things unless you can explain it to them,

i wrote my tips for teachers down,

but sometimes i need to go to a specific teacher and get him or her to break things down with me, and tell them where i don’t get it their way, and could they explain it different. The GOING up to the teacher would have been hard for me when i was younger, but i KNOW i need to tell them when i am not getting the stuff i class. So i have learned that is the best thing to do.

but i really thought the video gave off a GOOD message i think so I am sharing it.

AND my blog to teachers my tips for teachers to understand autism in me.


stimming and autism and fidgets

I wrote this a LONG time ago, and people still every so often share it.

mum spotted that a lot of lookers were on my site today –

and then we saw WHY…

it’s on a really main page about stimming stimming pageblog

BUT i am really happy that people read it a lot, cos I guess that means they find it HELPFUL.

so HERE is the post i wrote.

Fionn on stimming autism and fidgets




Today i have the dose that is going around,

it has been in my house for the last THREE WEEKS.

So I am the LAST PERSON in the family to get it.

so today, during school, I felt pretty bad. So i got out of class at break time til about lunchtime!

I went to Sickbay.

Sickbay is where you go in school . There is a lady there who can give you painkillers or if she is very concerned she can ring home.

So i went into sickbay. and she rang dad and asked what should i do first… so dad said for me to to rest til lunch…so she said to maybe lie down on the bed or something.

When i WENT to lie down i realised “OH GOD- there have been so many people in this bed!!

  • So many sensory ISSUES!!!!!
  • i put the pillow case inside out
  • Lay on TOP of the blanket instead of under it.
  • Used my BLAZER as my own blanket.

i think i was RIDICULOUSLY clever!





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aspergers is like learning ALL the time!


Aspergers IS like learning ALL the time….
written this day last year. …and as relevant today!

Originally posted on autisticandproud:

aspergers – learning ALL the time!

aspergers – is really Learning ALL the time!

when i was this Fionn – i had so much things i was not able to do.Fermanagh-20130314-00186

i looked sad but i can’t really remember anything i can only remember how SCARED i was going in every day to school. I was SCARED of everybody more or less. Everybody else in the room seemed to be HAPPY like they understood each other – and i really did not!

mam and dad when i got diagnosed put a LOT of time cos they decided that they wanted the best chance for me to do my BEST in the non-aspergers world. At the beginning that meant they had to do things that i was NOT COMFORTABLE with but after a while i got used to them. They spent lots of time explaining life to you…and now i am SO…

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Fermanagh Autism information – thanks.

Mum’s friend Elizabeth tagged her on this. on their facebook page Fermanagh Autism Information

Fionn lives in Enniskillen. He also attends secondary school in the town. In this blog he talks about Aspergers and the challenges of a new year at school.
This, and his other blogs, are very much worth a read. Please share.
Reading first hand accounts of these challenges and how our young people feel about them can really help us understand how best to support them, particularly through school.

Our Friend and Frequent Blogger, Fionn Hamill, writes on the challenges of change in the new school year from his point of view, as a student with Autism Life: Life
When i gave it to Asiam i posted it on my page with a bit more complaint in the title…

WHY DOES EVERY THING HAVE TO CHANGE…when you are used to it?.

WHY DOES EVERY THING HAVE TO CHANGE…when you are used to it?


by Fionn


WHY DOES EVERY THING HAVE TO CHANGE…when you are used to it?.

Adam Harris, and his aspergers site Asiam.ie  are friends of ours. Sometimes Adam asks me to write something, or sometimes to go somewhere to an opening event.. but i ALWAYS try to help out. This time he wanted me to write about the new year…


Life is overall good with me. it is though difficult. That’s just me being ME- means it’s difficult sometimes. it just seems that there are ALWAYS changes in what i know about, and i have to keep adjusting to new behaviours, new challenges and stuff. And for me, i have to take more time to adjust, and it takes mum and dad’s help – and i know that i don’t mean that in a babyish way, but i will always need help to learn how to ADAPT socially, and stay SAFE and HAPPY as i grow older.


THIS is a bit ironic. When i was younger i had no idea how to make friends – learned that, and it really did change my life.

i now have LOTS of friends from all sorts of places: football, pantomime, choir, school, town, going to matches.

The problem now is a social media.

in REAL LIFE i understand what is a good friend:

  • people only need a few REAL friends
  • who you could trust to be there for you 100%
  • who would be there if i needed them
  • who would help me if i needed them.

then there are lots of people you enjoy chatting. They are friends, but you don’t them in the same way.

and THEN there is SNAPCHAT. I am not the only person who talks to people on snapchat that they don’t know in real life. BUT every so often i need to remember that i only know these people casually, like i don’t know who they rally are, or where from, or any details. but its ok.

But for someone like me, i have to keep SAFE RULES online and in REALITY, and be really careful with keeping a good friend with me.

Back to school:

Before going back to school  every year, everybody worries about it a bit. Autistic people worry more than others do – as they like to know everything that will be there in ADVANCE.

This year is year 11 – so its a transition from Key Stage 3 to 4:

  • new class – form group
  • new teachers
  • new timetable
  • less subjects
  • DOUBLE CLASSES- is really hard.
  • new folders
  • new uniform
  • new rules.
  • some boys in my class i do not know at all.

My classroom assistant is the same – which is a RELIEF. I t means she can still keep an eye out for me, and be there if i need help with work, homework or anything like that especially organisation

i hate that the classes have to change, cos you have a group of boys for 3 years who get to know you and then you split that up. I was dreading this. Last week a few of my friends told me they knew their classes, and the weird thing was they were right- and that annoyed me, cos i didn’t have a clue who was in mine.

YESTERDAY i got a phone call from the Special Needs Guy in school Mr O who told me my class names, my new teachers so that i wouldn’t be shocked or disappointed the next day i suppose.


TODAY was all right, i was prepared – that makes me feel a bit more relaxed.

I don’t panic as much in the school if like today i wasn’t sure WHERE to go first thing, but now that i am so used to the school, i just went to the foyer and a load of my friends were there and they were all checking the new class lists…and teasing each other about who got the worst group!.

So in my new form class i have 3 or 4 i feel totally comfortable with from my old class. There are not many in the group who i will have difficulties getting on with. But overall it’s good enough :

it’s not FANTASTIC – it’s not BAD.

I got into all the subjects i picket- and I am happy enough with the teachers i got- except for maybe one subject (which of course i am not going to say which one it is, in case one of my teachers is reading this, but probably not) but HOPEFULLY that will work out too.

  • There are organising changes
  • I will find it really hard to concentrate in double classes :(
  • work in folders
  • file pages to SORT into sections – i will hate
  • hard back books
  • 6 new teachers to get used to! – i HATE changing teachers when i get used to them.

This will cause me bother as my organisation is pretty bad, and that’s a lot of change from just using exercise books. and having all the nice colour coded stuff. NOW i don’t have it :(

There is a new really well laid out diary from school to home – room for info on each subject and a how the day went section. our school is REALLY helpful that way cos without mrs D book i would be lost!

I’m nervous about even the new timetable.

Like on some days i can so few subjects, but MORE of the ones that i have. That will i think, be a challenge for my concentration- and i know i have to adapt. If it is a problem I can move up closer to the teacher. Plus Mrs D is probably on extra alert when there is a lot of new stuff.

It is going to take me a while to get it right but i kinda have to get it right soon enough.

WHY DOES EVERY THING HAVE TO CHANGE…when you are used to it?

from Fionn