and it passed in too short a time.


This is Helen – Fionn’s mam.
EARLY intervention is such a valuable tool.
The DIAGNOSIS is just the start.
Keep communicating with your child, YOU are the key in translating him to the world, and the world for him.
NEVER stop learning from him, through him and for him.


When it’s your 3rd child who can’ t make friends you know there is something up.
When after a whole year in school he doesn’t relate to anyone, you know there is something wrong.
When you tell him to go and play with his cousin and he says “but i don’t know how!” -you know he is being so honest.
We were not driven parents, we didn’t have plans and careers mapped for our children, but this MADE us act.
When you KNOW something is not usual you would take on the world to make life easier for them.

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