I was so excited when i knew i was able to meet Temple Grandin.

I had never met anyone so famous.

Or anyone who i looked up to so much!

I was so so excited.

She is the most famous Aspie and i have heard so much about her all my life – or all of life since i understood i had Aspergers!

We love her film about her life and mam reads her books.

Her favourite is “Bright NOT Broken” – where she talks about the ability of having Asperger’s not the stiff you can’t do…cos you should never stop realising that you are different…nothing wrong with you!


It was going to be perfect…but

there was a BIG problem. I was so sick today

I have a very sore head and am actually throwing up a lot.

But when we arrived- even after the sick stops we heard the helicopter.

Temple was arriving.

She was meeting 3 families with autistic children.

She was REALLY nice- exactly like she always sounds.

When she came in she could see i was sick …and her scientist head started searching for reasons why.

She kept staring at me asking questions about my illness.

She really loves solving things.

She gave us all autographs…new books and we got pictures of her with out failies and us.

IMG-20130406-00419 i was really disappointed because i was sick, and i couldn’t do much:(

BUT she was really interested which i loved.

She was really really good with peopl- i was surprised at that!

She chatted away about us, and our strengths…she was really nice!


We knew  she was reall into cows, and kind treatment of cows, so we had got a lady to make her a special cow brooch.

I think she liked it!…

because she put it on straight away!

It was a really special day – even if i was so sick and i know i am very lucky!


i hope she comes back again and i have a chance to be a bit brighter and enjoy her properly.

from Fionn


Helen here…

Temple Grandin was as awesome, as inspiring, and as lateral a thinker as we could have hoped. 

She was genuinely so interested in the children – she told me tips to search on google scolar…

and go ask the scientists who wrote articles…

she says she thinks “from the bottom up” – whereas the medics start ticking off the obvious. 

She would be starting with searches on what would NOT have responded to all the drugs he has already had…

it was really moving.

a super lady

an inspiring example of concentration on your gift…and managing the world you live in!.


always remember it..