Today my headache is the worst ever.
My back pain was really bad.
Mum had to go away.
Pain was so bad I cried.
Then I got sick.
So I am back in hospital while they check my bloods!


I want to get home.
Tomorrow I have a special place to go
I am going to go meet Temple grandin!!!

She is a genius
She has aspergers
She is one of the most capable people I know because of her autism.
I love her film- she tells all the sensory issues and things that she experiences so clearly that even if you didn’t have autism you could feel them!
She wrote a lovely book that mummy loves.
She keeps telling me to read it.
And she keeps reading it.
Its called “Bright- not broken”.
It means that aspies are different – NOT unable.
That is what we have always felt.

I have loads of emotions about meeting her:.
1. hope – hope I get out of hospital tonight! – and have just heard I am 🙂
2. Excited – I think she is the most inspiring person I have ever met.
3. Anxious – but I think she will be too so that should be ok – cos I think she finds people difficult too!
4. Happy – so happy to get this chance.
5. Proud – so proud of myself having this chance probably cos of my writing.

I really can’t wait!!!!!!
I am emotious!!!!!

From Fionn! 🙂 🙂

the day i met her i had to get out of hospital and go right back in for my headaches…and i was so sick as you can see in the picture. but i would never get another opportunity to meet her.scan_2013_temple_grandin0005