I had to go to see a physiotherapist cos I have a bad muscle in an ankle. It’s messed up cos i played football while it was sore.

I had never been to a physio before

So I had never BEEN to one before ,i had no idea what to expect.

Dad drove me out but mum made appointment.

So the man (Paul)  asked me about the injury and everything.

Then i had to take off my shoes and socks and her started examining me.

I had to stand up.

He started showing me stretches i should be doing while i was standing.

Then he told me to lie down.

i did.

except he hadn’t said “ON THE BED”.

So i had lay down on the floor.

He saw where the confusion was for me…. and THEN  told me to lie on the bed.

you NEVER grow out of LITERAL thinking!


yes my family have had a GREAT laugh at it, and been slagging me off. 🙂