Its Helen here,

every so often we post a bit of information that we have found helpful when moving through the process of statementing, education, transition to other schools…

They aren’t by any means rules – but we wanted everyone to realise that we too have had the fights about hours for assistants, the frustration about who does what, and nobody really told us that this is a part of a journey we ALL need to make.

We learned that :

  • Fionn is OUR child primarily – so WE care most and must push for his needs.
  • There are no classes to tell you how to engage with a professional, but be sure that YOU are the EXPERT on your child – as you have experience of them day by day.
  • No 2 children are the same – autistic or not – so one approach does not suit all children.
  • be armed with facts, samples of work, examples of your child in any meeting.
  • the only people who care for your child completely are you and your family.
  • you must lead his care, and be part of his care.
  • when his needs change YOU notice that.
  • be determined to do YOUR best for your child – as much as you ask any school, specialist to, but do it as you would for any of your children.
  • you explain HIM to the world, and translate the WORLD for him…

it’s really just being a very determined parent.

Spoke to a friend recently whose son is due to change schools soon – and i remember “interviewing ” the possible schools about what THEY could offer us…not the other way around. And that’s how it should be….

we have a son in RIGHT school – who is REALLY HAPPY there. I have to support him with bits… but he is my child – i have to do that in different ways for each of them.

so decided to repost these bits of recollections from various parts our of work in progress.

and when you are tearing your hair out some day, remember that we ALL have those days.



Fermanagh-20130314-00180we have made it THIS far – not without gnashing of teeth, and days of huge frustration – but look at the journey so far. it’s the right one!