The parent prequel… TV, films, and even drama series are VERY good ways of teaching “mooods”, “relationships”, and “EMPATHY”. Fionn has got a sense of humanity…and of right and wrong. (Helen)

Watching “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” based on book by John Boyne… (recommended by Fionn. Bought on the last trip to the Oxfam second hand bookshop on Botanic Avenue – his favourite shop in the world!)
A brilliant choice of film!

But hadn’t planned genocide as a Sunday evening family topic!



The boy in the striped pyjamas was really sad. It makes you think about how mean human beings can be. I never really knew how badly people treated Jews until I watched it. It makes you be more cautious about what you do.

it made me very emotious.- when lots of feelings mixed up

now i am reading it again!


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