Aspergers can be so so subtle, that many people MISS it. 

  • To miss the openness
  • that vulnerability
  • the constant looking for information
  • the child not programmed already with understanding others.
  • the tiny facial clues. twists. so tiny, but that were signals to those who looked and knew him that he was “lost” “confused” and needed HELP!
  • and the small glances to me, to check all is ok.

To MISS the beauty of the essence of the child would be tragic.

When F was diagnosed with ASPERGERS, his two default emotions while he learned others were “anxious” or “happy“. More than that was “emotious” and had to be “openned” like a knot in wool.

At 18 now, I bought this frame, and i asked him to go through hundreds of lifelong pictures and pick out, or shortlist the ones we “understood” –He and I .

So we both looked and chose almost all the same pictures which we felt were “LOOKS” – where we both understood the meaning….and the rest of the world could so easily have missed that.

meanwhile, he is out working in the PUB. Where he ASKED for a job, the one he liked when out for drinks with his friends……