So much to be learned from having aspergers explained. The world is not always aware. Fionn was diagnosed young. And we invested a LOT of parent time and explanation. It has been an amazing education for us! Helen (mum to an almost 18 year old boy who has aspergers)


a reflective look at himself from Fionn, still aged 12 . Quite amazing how clearly he can identify the autistic parts of himself. (mum)

Words I’d use to describe myself with before my diagnosis.

I am a capable, happy, and almost normal child. But when I was younger, I was none of these things.

I was looking through my years at nursery books with mum a while back, and it brought back a LOT of memories. I noticed that in my first year at nursery, I was really sad, lonely and confused. But in my second year, I had a great big grin on my face the whole time pretty much. So… These are the words that I would use to describe myself with before I understood me.


 Lonely – I know I was this because in the photos of me, I was never with a group, always on my own. –…

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