Spotted a lovely article on the poem of a ten year old boy, Ben.

Read it.

Associated it with the national autism association Facebook page.

National Autism Association Page

And was more than surprised to see Fionn in his homework position…

so i suppose it’s nice that Fionn’s “position” represents the mindset for “different”. I just showed Fionn the article and he blushed and said “that’s me”…cool! 🙂

poem on upliftpost by Ben

Ben’s poem- aged 10.


but NOW the people in National Autism Association have retraced their post and it was JUST Ben’s poem… so NOW we reckon it must have been the UPLIFT page or its Facebook page Uplift on FaceBook who decided to team together Ben’s poem, with Fionn’s picture?

SO UPLIFT if you see this, maybe you would like to see Fionn’s post  which he loved best?

He wrote it aged 12. i like being different.