i haven’t written anything in AGES.

i had a tough year with my health because the headaches i had about 4 years ago came back. And i have been on medication for them for the last few months. They do manage to keep the headaches away mainly – but the doctors haven’t diagnosed them as anything – just concentrated on getting me pain free. Which they did and i’m glad for it.

i had my first REAL EXAMS this year.

All year- right from the first day we heard about EXAMS. Like every other NEW situation it’s difficult for me, and i have to LEARN it. With exams there were so MANY new ways of testing.

  • Someone like me doesn’t work well in a group when am revising.
  • I am better off learning as I go than having major end of year tests.
  • So in some ways MODULES suit me – breaking the subject into sections.
  • but there were so many different types of structure in the exams.
  • controlled assessments
  • modular exams
  • practicals
  • non-modular subjects.

As they have always been my school were INCREDIBLY helpful.

I was off due to my headaches for about a month and lots of isolated days, BUT the school spent a good two weeks with me ONE-to-ONE with a teacher until i had caught up in EVERY subject to an extent where i could go back into classes.

  • In exams i had a room on my own where it was quiet.
  • I could take a drink or a headache tablet.
  • i was with my own classroom assistant so it felt “normal”and calm.
  • i avoided the formality of the exam hall.
  • i had extra time.
  • they really have done everything they could to help me so far!

i have made a LOT of FRIENDS this year. And i have kind of become part of a good large group which i am happy with – people in my school and NOT.. i know it is hard to remember i used to say “but i can’t” when i was trying to learn to become a friend…..

  • They ALL look out for me, as they know I’m autistic – i  STILL think that is one of the safest ways to be with people. UNDERSTOOD!
  • They don’t treat me differently- i get slagged just the same as everyone else does. But now i know it means i amn’t hated or being victimized.
  • When i was in hospital a lot of them visited so have met my mum and dad.
  • The big group is good cos we are all friends and we all make sure nobody is left out.

i KNOW i will ALWAYS be different. – but that’s okay.

i KNOW new situations will always arise, but so far i have used them to LEARN how to exist with non-aspies. So if i keep learning from them, I will hopefully find life easier.

i KNOW i have lots of new situations some will be more difficult than others cause i have friends but more IMPORTANTLY I have got to this point by being helped, by my parents and my family. I know to ASK for help before a small issue becomes a MAJOR meltdown or crisis.

Mam and Dad made it their JOB to “get me” when i was only 4… and both

explain me to the world” and

explain the world to me“.

That is how i feel so okay being my way!

I’m a geek on IMDB and movie trivia so all aspies please keep using your specialist interests to help you out socially

NOW i don’t stand out about being different…but if you look closely there will ALWAYS be little clues.

I am keeping my blog OPEN, but I am not going to be writing for a while.

I have made a lot of friends and had a lot of incredible experiences due to my blog – like my Packie Bonner interview on the John Murray show. 🙂

I am keeping it open as so many people  have said it helped them at times over the years especially in understanding their children.

Meanwhile i am off to be “autistic and proud ” as i always was.

by Fionn 🙂

aged 16.

autistic and proud.


this was the card we got Fionn aged 16…you have to look harder now to find the different one, and that’s how it is.  

Helen x