DEFINITELY a tricky time for Fionn and us, folks.
Social networking is FRIGHTENING.
The concepts of what a “teenager” is supposed to be.
and ENORMOUS jump in the standard of school work, from i love this subject and i am picking it, to i HATE such-and-such it is so different this year – due to it now being an EXAM subject. We were delighted when Fionn agreed (as he always does) to Adam Harris’s request to blog about going back to school this term,

which, as he wrote it explored ALL of the ISSUES which I suppose are in the mixing pot aged 15. So the post became about CHANGES, and the challenges of facing so many changes.  

the post fionn wrote for – CHANGES

As mum, I’d say this is the biggest LIFE TRANSITION that Fionn has gone through …and we are spending a LOT of time talking, checking, explaining and just trying to keep him safe and happy.

CHANGE and ability to change is not natural or easy with autism, and when a lot of things are changing around you at once it is a period of stress and HUGE challenge. So although remaining at school, there is a transition here – both due to school section, AND age… the teens!

Wondering perhaps if we should start a new blog called 🙂 ?

We are all in it together… as we are with each of our children…and so far …we are managing the MANY, many changes around and affecting Fionn!