some things about  people who have aspergers are similar to all of us. One of those is we have SPECIAL interests in things.

It’s not like a normal interest, you feel like you have to like know everything about it!

The awkward thing would be if your interests were about the same things when you are 15 as they were when you were 5. MINE changed thoughout the years (thankfully)

Originally it was :

  • Star Wars
  • Batman and Spiderman
  • Doctor Who – like even I could name all the doctors and have videos of each of them, and know th difference in the way the title music changed through the years
  • Liververpool – and the history of the club,,,and who played where in what year.
  • IMDB – this is not something i do all day but when i do, i remember ratings, weird details on tiny appearances by, and i remember the small details….
  • Crewe!

It was difficult and still is, when i find something really funny or interesting i  be DYING to tell everyone…and that could be really embarrasing if my interest was still Star Wars! Bit when i am on the playstation or facebook or whatever and i see something that I FIND FUNNY, I HAVE to call mum or dad to see them. And they always shout in: “Fionn is this important or are you being autistic?” – usually I am being autistic!

I think it is ok if you are into something a bit different, as long as like I keep it in proportion, and keep it a bit quiet, and try not to talk too much about it and bore other people. But you kind of learn those rules about your autistic traits. You can still totally be yourself but just keep the specialist subject sort of not an addiction (like my phone!!)

mum and dad tried as i was too young to know it would be a problem to keep me getting new, a  bit more age appropriate specialist topics as i grew up.

i know LOADS about Crewe. I got into CREWE in 2012 – by playing FIFA. I played a game as Crewe, and I won a few games, an then a tournament…and without meaning to, i stated to get really into CREWE Alexandra.

I am probably the only person I know who likes CREWE. And i get loads of slagging when they lose. but everyone keeps quiet when they win. I have and i wear 2 home jerseys, 2 goalie jerseys, a training top and a polo top! And YES i get a million questions when i wear them but i don’t care.

It’s really annoying that i have to jut following them on the rolling news or the odd comment on BBC sport. but i know and be interested when every match is on. I can get very worked up when bad things happen them – like when they nearly got relegated last year.

Me and Crewe

My mum tweets a bit. A BIT????? try again. MY MUM TWEETS A LOT. more than a healthy amount. BUT when she posted about Me and Crewe, some crewe followers showed their team spirit, and were totally awesome to me.  Like these are peopl that mum has never met- or me.

Graham sent me a SIGNED JERSEY  by all the players and their manager.

Thanks to Graham- i now have a Crewe top 11219366_791170174332880_9066654253397413305_n

Ken sent me a FULL TEAM poster.

Nicola Cooper- is a bit cooler. cos @nicspics is the official crewe photographer – and when she contacted mum… i was shouting ” unless she is called nicspics or something she is not the real one- and she follows me on instagram” 🙂 but nic has sent so many cool pics to me this week it is brilliant. nicspics

AND she got Brad Inman to follow me…:) and that’s really cool.

it seems everyone who like Crewe seems to be nice.

i NEED to go to a crewe game sometime, and Nic has said she would help me get to meet a few players 🙂


PS. today the post delivered a match program from last week’s game from Stuart. – another twitter fan. It came form Holland? Dad taped the goals and I agree…we should have won 😦