mum called me to see this video :

i thought it was really really good!. the wee guy has autism and is really good at music


This well guy in the video had autism but his parents probably got him into music cos they found he was naturally talented at it. like it’s thing. Like Temple Grandin being into cows. And me being into music as well i suppose. So they used his music his STRENGTH. 

it is really useful if you have something you are really good at. it makes life more enjoyable

i love music – it keeps my hands busy.

and when i am stressed i choose what music to listen to. I like artists for their music not for their popularity…. like the fratellis, acoustic music. i love ed sheeran.

i always did. i have blogged a few times before about it.

i love playing instruments and i listening to music.  i play cornet, drums and i self taught myself some piano stuff – by EAR- yes its a weird phrase. and a few traditional Irish instrument too


music is one of the subjects i love and am good at in school.

Drums is really enjoyable cos i can really be LOOSE when i am playing them  PLUS they use energy…and it keeps my hands and my feet busy and you are never still. so its really good for people with autism – the fidgettiness!

but things like sitting still, shoulders up, body posture are a problem for me so my technique is made harder BUT i still do it cos it feel good. and with practice i do get better.