templegrandini KNOW i have said it before but i love the way Temple Grandin understands her aspergers or autism.

She knew it was ok to be different – it made her life harder and more confusing but NOT once she started to understand herself …and then work with her own special interests which was animals especially cows.

She learned how to manage in a normal non aspie world

i wouldn’t CHANGE what my aspergers makes me.

I think my aspergers makes me different and different makes me interesting and different is quite cool and good to be.

i don’t think of it as a disease or a disorder, it is just a part of me and not a bad part of me.

Actually i think it might be the BEST part!

i LIKE my whackiness.

If it is aspergers that makes me like that, then cool!

So don’t combat me.

I know all people have DIFFERENT kinds of autism  – I am only speaking about myself.

These are just a couple of things about me that i think aspergers is responsible for …is it similar to other aspergers??

  • false faces – i HATE them. I used to hate the feeling of it rubbing up on my nose. So it would go on for a second then off. Off in between houses when i was trick or treating.
  •  man-made fabrics – i HATE the feeling of some icky fabrics – sometimes mum has tops that feel “sensatious” and i wont hug her if she is. I will hug her if she is wearing something soft. I love soft cotton.
  • tight clothes – i like wearing tight clothes cos it adds PRESSURE. i like the feeling of pressure – like i am getting a “squish”. so it makes me feel sort of relaxed – like I am in a tight hug.
  • smells -i like some smells but  absolutely DESPISE others. Some things- especially FOOD smell disgusting or too strong for my likong. Once there was a time that my friend bought pasta and broccoli bake in school for his lunch – and even though he laughed i would NOT sit beside him that day. and i was being 100% serious. it was gross!
  • hair brushing- i DON’T hairbrush. i hated it when i was little and i had lots of curls and tats. now in the shower i wash it – not great close to my ears – then i don’t usually dry it well. I rub it quickly and not too hardly cos i don’t want it to hurt my head . So i come downstairs with my hair wet!
  • cold – i like to be warm. But i don’t feel the same temperature as the weather. In winter sometimes i go out with a short sleeved shirt. BUT i have learnt from experience that that is NOT good. Sometimes i have the same mix up with summer. I might go out in a hoodie and a pair of tracksuit bottoms when it is warm.
  • feet – i love the natural feeling of my bare feet on the ground. EVEN when i feel cold and mum is shouting “where are your socks”…cos it feels nice on the ground.
  • hats- i LIKE beanies if the fabric is ok. but i HATE caps – they annoy me to the extent that i take it off and try to stand on it to try to break off the hard part!
  • coats – i HATE big coats. I HATE being made to wear them. They look horrific too i think!
  • nails – i HATE getting my nails cut – especially my toes!
  • teeth – i HATE the feeling of unclean teeth AND i hate the feeling of unfresh breath. I refuse to look straight at someone who i know has not got great breath freshness.

most of these have to do with sensations…but they make me the way i am. and that is good, i think.

the world would be REALLY boring if we were all the same, and wired the same way.

BUT I DID HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT the NORMAL WORLD- my mum and dad had to teach me that being SOCIAL was a very, very important thing in MANAGING in the mainstream world. they STILL have to really!

aspergers – is really Learning ALL the time!

when i was this Fionn – i had so much things i was not able to do.Fermanagh-20130314-00186


i looked sad but i can’t really remember anything i can only remember how SCARED i was going in every day to school. I was SCARED of everybody more or less. Everybody else in the room seemed to be HAPPY like they understood each other – and i really did not!

mam and dad when i got diagnosed put a LOT of time cos they decided that they wanted the best chance for me to do my BEST in the non-aspergers world. At the beginning that meant they had to do things that i was NOT COMFORTABLE with but after a while i got used to them. They spent lots of time explaining life to you…and now i am SO GLAD that they did.

Aspies have in my opinion to LEARN the world…and how it is easy for other people, it IS NOT easy easy for aspergers. It’s like we haven’t got the instructions.

I had to learn to:

  • understand people
  • understand the importance of having friends
  • learn how to play
  • learn how to talk to people
  • learn what people didn’t like
  • learn to make eye contact
  • learn to manage smells i didn’t like
  • learn not to interrupt conversation
  • learn to take turns
  • learn to share
  • learn that the teacher is not my best friend
  • learn why to use cutlery
  • learn not to call my mum and dad by their first names.
  • i had to learn to understand emotions
  • learn family tree – that my mum was always my mum – never my aunty
  • learn not to talk about my things all the time
  • learn not to chew everything – like toys
  • learn what people mean what they say something
  • learn the difference in laughing at and laughing with
  • learn not to give up when something was a challenge.
  • learn sarcasm
  • learn idioms
  • learn what is considered racist, polite – even if i don’t agree
  • learn when friends SHOUT they don’t mean they hate you
  • learn not to knock people down if they are in your way
  • learn not to trip on every step!
  • and most importantly learn about myself.

i am SO SO GLAD that now i am a boy – who still learns new situations – but who understands himself, is HAPPY, and gets the world. i LIKE being different!…i LOVE it 🙂

i have friends

i am in a football team

i am confident

i am happy to be myself – and to explain myself to other people.

i am GLAD that my parents THOUGHT like Temple Grandin…and kept working with me! 🙂



and as Temple says,