• getting my nails cut!
  • photo (26)toe nails are EVEN WORSE – sometimes at night i kinda rip pieces off them so they don’t have to be done!
  • it’s the TENSION of getting it done.
  • and the noise of it.
  • i HATE it
  • i also NEVER EVER brush my hair.
  • it HURTS.
  • the only time it gets combed is at the hairdressers and i still grind my teeth while that bit happens.
  • i also hate washing behind my ears and my neck.
  • it makes me squirm a bit.
  • but i DO do it cos i have good hygiene! I am freaky about hygiene.
  • i guess they are all kinda SENSATIOUS
  • is this an APSERGER’s thing or a ME thing?

by the way… do loads of us have curved “pinkie fingers”….mine are pretty sore to put together with my other fingers..LOOK photo (27) bye for now


Am I a fussy eater?? By Fionn