This post was a long time ago. Fionn was about 13 when he wrote this. He is now aged 20 and at university… being his incredibly unique self. We reblog his posts hoping they may be helpful to other families. This one is about preparing.

It was just another example of the fact that a huge hurdle was manageable when he knew what to expect. With his Asperger’s new situations need prepartion in advance as often as possible. (helen)- the mum.

Last year (3 days ago exactly a year ago)  if you followed my blog i had some kind of headache bug.

It started by blowing a high note on the cornet.

here are links to the blogs at that time…





I was off school for a long time – for 6 weeks. was back for a day and got sent home sick back another day home sick…same thing. I hated:

  • bright lights,
  • focussing ,
  • reading,
  • using lifts
  • sneezing

they gave me what i called SPIKES – which is like a sharp pain into my head just for a while!.

I loads of tests when i was in hospital. Loads of blood ones – i could have run my own blood bank!

I had 2 CT scans and an X-ray.

The hospital staff were really nice and we knew lots of them from when my sister was in hospital.

i had a lumbar puncture too….which was okay cos mum had gone over with me what EXACTLY happens so i wouldn’t jumpy or get freaked out. Plus my own doctor did it, so i was as comfortable as i could be with the whole thing.

BUT it all seems a long time ago. Before Christmas we saw a neurologist up in Belfast and she was really interested in my headache – even thoough i rarely get spikes now!. but she wants to check some things out. The first test is an MRI scan.


I am a bit nervous about an MRI- because it has been a long time since i have had treatment like this, and i don’t quite remember what happens just.

Mum has lots of MRIs cos she has a brain condition. So chatted last night about what it was like and

what could go wrong, and

the size of the scanner

the music CD that dad will make

the mirror i can peep at mum with

mum will be there all the time

the cool noises and the way mum says to feel the vibrations each noise makes in your body.

am OKAY now.

i feel quite relaxed and ready for it…except will be in a different hospital so will be a different looking room.

even if they do an injection and do another scan it won’t hurt i don’t think.

so like always…i am glad i said i was nervous!

by Fionn