This is my parents.

i love them to bits.


like all parents they are a bit hypocitical.

i think a hypocrit is a person who tells you to do something and then they do the opposite.

i know that parents have to teach their kids what it is good to do – but it would be easier for us kids, if they showed us HOW to do it as well!

  • when a parent says for you to go outside and play…and they stay inside and watch TV.
  • when a parent says “no more devices” – devices are like ipads, computers, TV…and then THEY stay on theirs!
  • when they say to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep …and they then stay up til about 3 in the morning!
  • when they say that stuff is too dangerous and yet they do it themselves – like moving the garden.
  • when they say to wash your hands everytime after Pee, and yet you know sometimes they don’t!
  • when they say not to watch a programme and yet they watch it themselves – but i do realise why that one is – it may not be suitable for my age.
  • when they say washing the dishes is about independence and then they don’t do them themselves, does that mean they are NOT independent?
  • parents say not to pick your nose and i have SEEN loads of parents picking their nose…(sometimes my own!)
  • when they say its not right to argue, and yet is okay for them to argue about something!
  • when they say not to hog the TV yet they hog it themselves..and you ask and they say NO – I am watching something!
  • at family parties kids always have to eat chips and adults get the GOOD stuff!
  • sometimes it even happens in school! We aren’t allowed our phones and a teacher might text.

but really adults probably were told all this stuff when they were younger!

So i forgive them!

by Fionn