Thankfully the constant random nonstop talking days are replaced now mainly thanks to headphones and playlists . We ALWAYS tried to encourage the habits to be age appropriate….. he KNEW he was uncomfortable but NOT how to cover that- he now does 🙂  Hxx


 Why do I get hyperactive or in a socially awkward situation and start talking like mad…


Well, I’ll start off by saying that I’m ALWAYS  a bit hyper – i keep moving my hands, tapping, or feet, or fidget. Anyone who knows me knows that. It’s part of my personality. I may as well have it written on my ID.

”Fionn Hamill. 12 years old. Hyper so watch out.”

When i am hyper…i don’t behave badly!

I just need to MOVE and if i am in a position where i can’t move, i TALK!

  • loads and loads of random questions and my mouth races –
  • i talk really really fast!
  • i get a bit clumsy and can fidget
  • or move too much in my chair,
  • sometimes fall off my chair,
  • or drop stuff like pens
  • …once i dropped my cornet!

But there is reasons usually, why I’m hyper, but sometimes I’m just really hyper.
But here are the reasons for why I get hyper…

1- if I’m excited about something.

2- if I’m glad that something has happened.

3- if I take lots of sweets and lots of coke.

4- if I’m doing something new

These are the ones that everybody gets hyper about, and here’s for the ones that I think only aspies encounter.

  •  if I’m worried about something. If I’m worried about something, like if there’s a row at home, I’ll always ask LOADS of questions. But then mum, will always say, ‘ fionn shhhh. Don’t be worried. Me and dad were just arguing over something little, but we don’t hate each other.’ Which makes me quiet. ER
  •  if a room is quiet. If like we’re having dinner, and there is no conversation, I’ll ask something like” who saw the liverpool game?” Or ” what’s your favourite chocolate and why?” It sometimes work, but usually doesn’t.

I’m always hyper. And I love it. Most the time anyway

and Mum and Dad point it out to me and sometimes

then i can go listen to my quiet music

or I can let off steam by kicking a ball off a wall

or i spin a few times – call it helicopters

or sometimes a HUGE squish helps

By fionn 🙂 🙂


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