I remember these were scary YEARS ago – and in fairness to Fionn then, i am STILL not too keen on a few myself!..helen

i dont really watch horror films or any that aren’t suitable BUT there are some freaky characters in some normal films…these are mine!When i watch i kinda scream out at the scary JUMPY bits!

  1. JOKER



the joker scares me cos i just have a fear of clowns…its they always SMILE even when they are frowning. I like to be able to know what a face expression is. Joker is the freakiest example of a clown there is!


child catcher


this one didnt used to freak me out until mum told me it was the bad guy who scared the life out of her when she was little. So then i looked at him and he is scary to look at and the way he is really creepy and sneaky and it makes him look really evil because he tries to kidnap children.

3. DEMENTORSdementors


they freak me out cos they dont have any shape like legs or arms but MOSTLY they have no face!

4. SAW






i have never seen this movie but i have seen the trailer – and it really scared me. I had a bad dream about it. First there’s his evil painted clownish smile- YEUCH and he has a strange weird voice. he freaked me.

5. ORKSork

Orks are the only creatures in Lord of the Rings that scare me. They look all weird BUT THEY DROOL A LOT and are really mucussy and i bet you they have bad breath! They have issues with their hygiene that freak me out!

6. RANDALrandal

Randal is scary cos Monsters INC is full of non scary monsters and he is just petrifying compared to them. Te lies and you never know cos he can camouflage himself anywhere so he could be right behind you. That is freaky!!

7. HELLBOY GUYhellboy badguy he scares me cos he has no heart or organs. they are all stiched on. So they’re sometimes hanging off and it’s just weird. Plus his eyes are really wide. Big eye balls do always petrify me! Even when my brother wants to freak me he will just do big eyes!


voldemortIts his face again. He has no nose. and his face looks like his skin has all been stretched. Its really long and narrow. His teeth are really yellow and THAT makes me think of bad breath!

9. JUDGE DOOMjudge doomHe is a very scary man, and is all black clothes and dark glasses and hat and all. So he always looks scary. But when he does take off his glasses he is the most scary toon. With big freaky eyes and is really evil looking.

10. WEEPING ANGELSweeping angelsi LOVE Doctor Who. But even though they aren’t hideous as some of the bad creatures, the Weeping angels are so scary. Cos they move when you don’t look. They sneak up. That makes me jump every time.

So those are my bad guys!

by Fionn!