Life with Aspergers is a constant learning for all the family….a new situation is a new rule socially..

We have been very lucky as when Fionn has learning something he retains it, and sometimes can manage the situation without us. it is  FABULOUS feeling….. Helen.


i got worked up over a piece of homework……AGAIN!

it was art AGAIN.

i think i am good at Art, but i don’t listen closely enough to long instructions….i often be doodling at the back of my scribble pad – and i know i have been worse since i came back to school!

but also cos i am disorganised , i often lose sheets with instructions on it, which leaves me, in a spot of bother! I have told you before my school bag is a MESS!.

TODAY was a tough one.

Mum and dad were away up in Belfast at another doctor’s check-up,  so my brother and I were minding ourselves and I was doing my homework.

  • When we mind ourselves  it is really for us and our independence
  • Our next door neighbour always brings us home
  • and she is always in her house if we need her
  • and mum always tells her when it is, and she ALWAYS knows.
  • and sometimes she pops over to see how we are managing.
  • but today we were managing well
  • we even cooked our own pizzas for tea!

So homework was goig fine until……. i realised i had my art to do still.

Then i realised……. “Where is my sheet?”

i didn’t have the sheet with the detailed instructions on it.

i rang mum and she knew in my voice that i was worked up! 😦

  • she asked why i was shouting?
  • did shouting help?
  • if i shouted my headache would get worse
  • and i would get more stressed
  • so she told me to talk slower and calmer.
  • then she did “whats the worst thing that happens her?”
  • how many subjects have you been good at?
  • how much art have you been good at?
  • so worst thing is one bad grade? yeah?

then i had slowed down a bit.

  • mum asked if i don’t do the art does anyone die?
  • when do you have art?
  • i said NOT til thursday…
  • so she said – then what’s the big deal?
  • you can get the sheet tomorrow.

and she told me to put away my art stuff.

  • then she asked was i upset?
  • did i need a cry? ( sometimes i like to cry because it lets out the stress…like a coke can fizzing up and all the gas getting out!)
  • i said yes…
  • she told me to go find a quiet room, and put my head into a cushion and have a wee cry.
  • i did!
  • she told me when she got home she would give me a very big squish.
  • and she did:)

so we managed to keep me from having a melt-down by talking over the phone.

so for once mum+phone=good

it worked.

now I am fine and mum will write me a note for the teacher for tomorrow!

so is sorted:)

by Fionn