NOBODY knows what type of personality any baby has, or what the world has planned for each life. All i can say is that throughout Fionn’s childhood were SO glad, so many times, at the very close ties between him and his slightly younger but many times called “older” brother. Fionn was the third of our 4 children  but we had an 8 year gap between him and his next brother…. the number of times we commented on how massively they benefited from understanding and growing to understand and interpret each other for us, and how thankfully they ALWAYS had each other as that bond has lasted, and it’s value in terms of safety, common interest, sports….innumerable ways!………..Helen

PS: written by a much younger Fionn!

DSC_0098 (1)Everyone and certainly an aspie needs a really good friend who is always there for you – mine is my younger brother Caoilte.

Today is Caoilte’s Cofirmation day so i wanted to blog for him about how great a brother he is and how he has made things easier for me.

Even though Caoilte is over a year younger than me, he in sometimes seems to be the older one.

  • when i was really young and trying to make friends he was with me, and he played with me all the time.
  • when i was making a friend outside school he was there too.
  • later in school he played with my friends and i played with his.
  • when i was finding team sports hard, he would go with me.
  • he can spot when i am even a tiny bit stressed and he helps.
  • he knows when i am or used to be very stressed maybe when someone shouted at me and he would get help so i didn’t have a big melt down in public.
  • when something bothers me – especially in primary school cos we were there at the same time – he would try explaining that it didnt mean something bad, it was how i was hearing it!
  • i remember one time i had to sing a part i didn’t like in harmony in choir, and he told me it was kinda like Tevez refusing to play for Man City…so that made sense and I san it.
  • when i am grumpy and i don’t want to go outside he says “Fionn” and i know what it means.
  • he DOES drive me bats when he wants to walk to the shop EVERY DAY..but he knows that!
  • he is into football and same games as me, so we have so much in common.
  • he is really patient with me and he always goes along with what I choose to do, cos he knows how much easier that is!
  • we enjoy the same movies so when i want to quote scenes he joins in..and we BOTH drive mum and dad bats!
  • it must be weird for him being younger but yet having to kinda be the older one – like at times when we are crossing roads, and i amn’t paying attention.
  • we share a room so he has learned to be as MESSY as me!…maybe not so good that one.
  • i really think it would have been so much harder for me to learn about ME and how to do thigs without HIM.
  • I am really really glad I have my brother Caoilte.
  • everyone says we are as close as twins
  • i am lucky to have such a great friend AND brother!
  • You’re the BEST Caoilte

Have a great Confirmation Day

From Fionn x