In MY (a grown up mother’s eyes), POLITICAL correctness has gone MAD…in some cases it drives me nuts. BUT to expect a child who understands things differently to appreciate the farcical issues seeming to be judged WRONG, makes absolutely NO SENSE. Helen.

some things make totally NO SENSE.

  • RACISM – i don’t really understand it, cos to me the colour of skin is just like the colour of eyes and i don’t really see why you can’t say it. but i really dont get why somone would say it in a hurtful rude way? Like Luis Suare supposedly was racist to Patrice Evra.  I would love to have dark skin….and I love rapping …and i like to rhink i am black on the inside! And i hope that is NOT offensive.


  • SMOKING – what is the point? It says on the pack smoking kills so WHY? There is a disgusting smell of people’s hair and clothes and shoes when they smoke and I know its rude to say that so I don’t ..but i HATE the smell. When I watch people smoking i used to say it hurts my eyes, but it’s really that it upsets me and i want them ALL to stop. smoking is NOT cool it looks ugly and it is just stupid!


  • DRUNK – it is not drinking i am against i just hate DRUNK. I can not understand why you drink so much that you can’t stand and you get sick and smell like vomit.  How are you meant to safe and get home? How can that feel good? I would like to have a beer or two when I am older – but NOT 20!


  • HANGOVER TALK – everyone says that a hangover is the worst feeling in the world. So why then do they keep talking about it like it is a cool thing? It means you were stupid enough to get too drunk. then to act so proudly…why would you be proud of something so silly? It is in song lyrics and everything and they make it seem like it is the best experience ever. Its just showing how stupid you were.


  • DRUGS – why would you do something that’ll make you suffer for the rest of your life? you could get arrested. You could die! you could get addicted like Amy Winehouse or Michael Jackson. I know they were very sad inside but that is not the way to feel better. There is no good reason to ever start taking drugs.


  • SECTARIANISM – it always makes me angry. I have watched films like The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas…where a German Boy and another German Boy who happens to be a jew become friends. It is such a sad film. Even here we have protesting going on and it makes no sense to me. I have loads of friends of  different religions – we get on fine- what is so different about us? so why do people grow up and hate eachother because of religion. Its like saying i don’t like you cos your hair is brown – but its an even tinier difference from that!


  • DISABLED DISCRIMINaTION – why does a disability make us or anyone less intelligent. Do you have to be intelligent to be nice? I read a poem by Dylan Thomas about a Hunchback – he was made fun of just because he was different. I hated it!. I think if everyone was the same the world would be so boring.


  • BULLYING – i don’t GET bullying. Why is it cool to make fun of someone and really upset them til maybe the kill themselves? What kind of person would ever want to do that? If i was ever with boys who were bullying i would say it immediately. What does it matter what we are, what colour our hair is, if we have glasses, if we are short, if we are skinny…we are MEANT to be different and unique, so WHY point that out in a BAD way?

some things that i don’t understand make more sense when i get older…but these ones probably won’t ever.

by Fionn