Am I a fussy eater?? By Fionn

My first answer would be no, cus I eat loads of variety of foods. And have became the best”tryer” of foods in the house. I try to eat everything. But on second thought, I SORTA am.i have odd food issues, mostly sensory problems and i know all aspies have them. …they come into my SENSATIOUS bits The issues i have are mostly things such as…

  • TOAST – toast needs to be made perfectly. It’s needs to be hot and crispy. It needs to be just a wee bit overdone. Or else I won’t eat it.
  • BEANS – I don’t like the beans texture. This is my real problem. I got sick after just trying ONE bean :o. They’re to slimy and weird. They are ” sensatious “. And one bean guarantees a way one ticket to vomit land.
  • CEREAL – I always eat the same cereal for about six months. I don’t know why this is, I just eat a cereal til I’m sick of it and I ask for a new cereal. It’s always been a problem.
  • GREEN – I don’t eat anything green or leafy. I just don’t like them. I try them but they’re not my type. They’re not made right. Why would anyone LIKE them?
  • CHEESE – I can’t eat cheese. It’s smell is too strong and yucky. And it feels horrible. I can imagine that it tastes really yeuck because of the feeling of it and its smell.
  • TEMPERATURE AND TEXTURE – I can’t eat food when it’s slightly cold or soggy. Pasta gets cold quickest which is a shame cos I love pasta! It needs to be hot and perfectly made which dad usually nails.


  • TEA -Tea is worst cos I need to drink it at the right time at the exact right temperature – not too hot or not too cold.. or i can’t take it at all…and i LOVE tea! and i often leave it to cool and forget about it! 😦

All in all, foods great!!!

Well…… most of it