Why I love blogging..

  • I have been blogging for almost 6 months now.  I at first didn’t know why I needed to. or why it was a good idea, but I knew it’d be easy cos its just like talking.  Know, I don’t know why I doubted cos because of my blog, I have had such fun.
    • I’ve been on the radio,
    • on other blogs and
    • on autism pages.
    • It got me in contact with Adam Harris and AspergersAdvice.org
    • and many more.

So while I was thinking of what to blog about I thought I’d blog about why I blog. And what I love I love about blogging.


  •  I get such lovely comments. I love when people say that I’ve helped them and made a difference in their lives. I like doing good.


  • I get to try new things. Like things I hadn’t done before because I’m nervous about it. Such as:
    • being interviewed on the radio and
    • being a guest blogger
    • being put in the journal.ie
    • writing for the paper and
    • boys in my school and in the town commented about how good the paper interview was and
    • they asked me to do an interview for the school magazine .
    • and then being asked to be an interviewer and a radio  presenter!
    • and go to RTE studio


  •  I can say that in my life autism isn’t bad. I love doing this cos s lot of people don’t expect anything of us and some parents read my blog and get to see it can work out really well!
  • One nurse and said her 24 year old son is s non verbal aspie and now she understands what’s going in his world when he has a melt-down a bit better.


  • When I write a new blog it makes me focus on a wee detail in my life and that helps me understand it a bit more.


  •  I love writing. I’ve always wanted to be a author and always do but now I love writing facts about my life.


  • I’ve got to chat Packie bonner,
  • meet and work with John Murray twice,
  • and to meet temple Grandin which is huge for me.
  • Cos I’m Just an ordinary boy and they’re like idols.


  • I love it when people talk about their aspergers cos we’re all unique but also common in a lot of ways. I’m not an aspie expert, I’m a fionn expert.:)


  • I love my aspergers and telling people how happy I am, just the way I am.

By Fionn

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