Fionn is still entirely overwhelmed by the “awesomeness” of the day, but promises to blog about it in detail…emotions and all, tomorrow! So i thought i would give the view from my side of the table…Hx


Today we spent in Dublin .

We drove up last night.

We brought the 2 little sons with us as Fionn had been asked to take part in an RTE launch of new channel, RTE jnr.

The bit he was asked to take part in, was to return on the The John Murray Show – and be part of a live show where 3 children would interview guests and produce the show.


Caoilte as ALWAYS is so supportive of Fionn – was there, in studio, all set – until we went live, when he stepped out and watched from the sound booth…what a great experience for them!

the start of the show…

and then the bulk of the show was your interview with your chosen interviewee.

was so glad Fionn :

  • was first as he excited,
  • nervous and it was such a new situation for him,
  • a tad overwhelmed 🙂
  • But Fionn as you know talks about how situations make im feel..
  • the “LIVE” aspect worried him –
  • so we chatted it through (Caoilte chirping in his advice)…
  • and he coped brillintly!
  • a real example of “feel-the-fear-and-do-it-anyhow!”…
  • so once again, he has risen to the challenge.
  • and would have NO fear, now having done it once, of tacking it again:)

His choice to interview was Packie Bonner – international goalie – from long before Fionn was born.

But as you know, Fionn’s interest in :

  • the History of StarWars
  • history of Liverpool football club
  • the entire concept of Doctor who…through time!
  • and history of ROI – and especially the world Cup years..

grows and develops with him.

So he probably could have answered any of his own questions!Scan0015 Packie Bonner

The introduction featured a sound clip but Fionn’s first words to his hero,

“Packie Bonner, good Morning!”….

and the face went PEUCE!.

He was totally Gob-smacked!…

and John, no offense to yourself, but you definintely were put in that massive shadow! 🙂

He asked his well planned, and no holes barred questions, and between Fionn’s soft shy tones and Packie’s warm accent and lovely detailed answers, it was a lovely interview!.

He nodded with every word Packie said,

Initially forgot to speak back

but GLOWING with delight!.

he got to choose his favourite questions

but he almost PASSED OUT when Packie said he loved Fionn’s blog!

when it finished

he beamed and just closed his eyes, and drank in the feeling.

I wrote him a note, just saying “good experience?” and the scribbled reply was “MOST DEFINITELY! 🙂 ”

his colour returned to normal, and he relaxed completely and loved the rest of the show, and chatted John easily again…

When we went off air, I said, well son how was it, and the answer was

“it was the most fantastic experience of my life!”

so to Alan Torney (Fionn’s show contact)

to John  (watch your job) Murray!


you have given my sons a VERY special memory…

and Packie – am so glad he didn’t get to finish out by telling you that he thought i may fancy you!  🙂 …have NO IDEA where he got that idea from!