Things my dad has helped me learn…

I was scouring my mind thinking about what to blog about, and then I thought because I done lots about mum I’d do one about daddy…

He has helped me learn lots and lots of things, such as…

Football – I never liked football or team sports of any kind. But my dad kept encouraging me to play and it turned out enjoyable. I used to beg for him to play with me and caoilte – and he never let’s me down. Now I love it loads and play soccer and Gaelic. Dad talks to all my coaches about how I am and what to watch out for

Computers –  I always loved ps2 and wii and all, though my dad is some sort of a computer Genius! He said I always had an aptitude for technology and I do pick things up very quickly. When I was 3 years old in nursery I turned on the computer and loaded a cd and frightened the life out of the teacher. Cheers dad for that one.

Sense of humour – I have now a great sense of humour and that’s all down to my papa. He’s always joking with me – I’ve only got used to it recently – they used to make me think hard and think ‘that’s not right’. But now – I understand them really well and use his type of humour more often.

Liverpool football club – they’re simply the best. My dad is a liverpool mad fan. Also he made me watch games! He always records shows for me on the liverpool channel on sky and we look at them together. I have more liverpool jerseys than I can count – I’m wearing one right now (this years away jersey – black silver and yellow).

Dublin – I love it. Thunder road cafe. Temple bar. Stephens green. Street entertainers. Aviva stadium. Croke park and its gaa shop. Kilmainham Hilton. Big cinemas. George’s street arcade (I got 9 wham bars for 3 euros). Bewleys – especially the ‘dangerous’ window seats – where i can watch the ‘girls walk by’. HMV.
Dad worked in Dublin for years and we used to stay in the Hilton hotel in kilmainham. I loved the Nutella sachets for breakfast.

Reading – apparently when I was very young I used to love the same book for ages – ‘baby Gozo’ and ‘bartholomew eat your dinner’. Dad used to read to me again and again – he encouraged me to begin reading myself – especially with the dr Seuss books – hamnicka schnimicha schnamicha schnopp. Dad got me into Star Wars – I started reading them and then more and more and here I am now – always reading. It’s dads fault.

SCI-Fi – all my specialisms have been related to things dad has got me into.
Star Wars
Dr who – I used to be addicted to it totally and still really love watching it.

All in all, my dad is great!!!! xx
Fionn :))
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