as you know by now, OUR early awareness, and acceptance of Fionn having autism as part of who he was, and therefore part of our family, led to our concentrating on becoming “fionn” experts as much as we could, as soon as we could. (this is very much still a work in progress). A natural knock on of this was that aspergers, and all  its parts was a topic NOT whispered in the house. So Fionn, was told when he needed to know what he asked to know, and we are convinced that his self-awareness has been a lot of his resilience in many situations….. here he chats about his “fidgettiness” at aged 13…. funny…. hx


cos i have been off so long and am still not fully better, i have spent a lot of time with mum and dad  and Caoilte (he is my brother who blogged about how it is to be a brother to me!)

it was lovely having lots of time together.i really enjoyed spending time with the bunch. When I am not well , they are always there for me. Even when i am well they are always there. My oldest brother Eoin had to stay with me sometimes and even bring me in for admission. I used to be dying for Caoilte to come over after school – cos we are best of friends!

i have been in hospital 7 times with this headache….and it seems stuck now at about 5 out of 10 painwise.

Cos we spent so much time together my new little bad habits were just a BIT noticable to them!

  • tapping – i know i always tapped, but now i have this habit of fapping ONE specific rhythm where you tap every second finger, then the one in the middle and its second…and it goes on and on….until mum gave me the nickname “woodpecker!” I definitely will have to try to stop that for going back to school!
  • answering “uh?” – i have got into the habit of answering questions with an “uh” which sounds like i am not listening. Mum then says “what did I say” and I am able to answer correctly, so that means the “uh” is just a bad habit, and has to stop.
  • answering questions the lazy way –i’ve got so fed up having to describe how my pain feels so i started saying “fine” – until mum and dad make me say what i ACTUALLY am! It is just a lazy phase (haha)
  • interrupting with a random bit – when an Aspie is little, they have trouble taking turns. When an Aspie is bigger they interrupt. I have got worse at this. And i don’t want my friends and family to think that i think what they are sayig isn’t interesting. So i need to work on that one.
  • MAD  channel hopping – in the hospital it was the TV…usually it was the CD player…but in the ward there 14 channels and i kept flicking for something on! it drove mum MAD! She said if we had to stay there much longer i would have made her have a FIT! And it probably didn’t help my headache either!
  • iPADding…a LOT –  i am in danger of becomming an iPAD-ohlic . Mum shouts to stop. Dad shouts to stop. But i keep picking it up without noticing – which i am doing right now as i dictate my blog to mum. Mum is threatening to give me a time limit in the day! (so mean of her). i did have to stop playing for a while with my headaches…but i can manage it now with the brightness turned way down!
  • not listening – but i blame my dad for this as much as my aspergers! I get sosososo forgetful! mum might tell me to go to the kitchen to get pens til she helps with homework – and i come out with a cup of tea for us and a few biscuits!.
  • even more unorganised – since i have been “under the weather” i have not even been trying to do anything . cos i have mostly stuck in bed. So this weekend when i was trying to catch up on some homework, i kept losing the pen i was using, yesterday i left the rubber on the floor and the dog ate it. so dad had to go to 3 shops to buy a new one – and i lost it in 20 minutes.
  • extra fidgetty – Even when mum or dad is writing the homework cos my head is sore, i am either sucking a pen, fiddling with a roll of tape, or doodling on a page…hands must remember to stay busy!
  • asking the same questions over and over again  –when it is quiet i normally hum, but now i have started doing a thing i used to do way back in nursery – but a more grown up version – i ask a question…..then a bit later i ask it again….and maybe next day. Mum and dad explained that people would think i hadn’t been listening and wasn’t interested in their first answer so i have to stop that. it is a bad hoabit.
  • wanted to share so badly i force – ifi like a food, then  i want Caoilte or mum or dad to try it. I kinda force it…again..and again…and again.

otherwise i am just perfect 🙂

or as Caoilte says “I’m Awesome” !

by Fionn

(with LOTS of help from Caoilte and mum)