we are a very “normal” family – if there is any such THING as a “normal” family….2 parents…2 older siblings, a brother close in age to Fionn, 2 small dogs and now a cat!

We are all “nuts” about each other, but life has lumps and bumps the same as any other home has…we are NOT the Waltons . But sometimes what we don’t even register as an event, Fionn perceived as a conflict…TENSION…it’s a new way to be aware.  (helen)

Tension3-burak-arikan-7we don’t really have rows in our house.

but when people have angry converstations i really don’t like it.

mum and dad were trying to make my older brother understand why they were upset and disappointed in him and his friends when they had drinks in the house last week.

Mum and dad alays make these boys fell like they are one of the family.

they always get treated very well in our house.

A few nights ago things didnt go so well.

And my brother didnt sort it out well he let the party get a bit out of control.

Mum and dad were let down.

My brother couldn’t get it – he didn’t see why they couldn’t just be annoyed at him

Mam and dad said that they were disappointed at All…him and his friends…who they have always been fond of.

So there was loud talking.

A lot of very loud talking.

Mum kept saying she wasn’t angry with my brother – if she was she would be grounding him.

She was trying to teach him how to be a grown up..and the boys need to grow up too. An apology should be said to my parents. My brother still cant get it.

The noise hurts my head a lot.

I find it hard to understand what is a a fight and people talking loudly.

Its like everytime that mum and dad disagree about something i get kinda worried that they might get a divorce. Mum can never believe that. She laughs and says it is just adults talking – and she and daddy are NOT going to get a divorce…and then i believe it.

it is always very uncomfortable for me.

and the noises probbly seem even louder in my head that they ever are…

i can nearly hear the tension!

sometimes i try to do things like pretend i am texting really fast on my phone….just to fidget fastly!

from Fionn