Fionn has headaches. As yet undefined reasons. A few years ago he missed a long period of school due to headaches, and similarly last year. He LOVES hospital and has been treated very well while there. The only thing to be SURE on is that he HAS to be warned on the details involved in any tests…then they don’t bother him….His headaches are STILL a feature of frequency and he takes preventative medication….and the school have made ongoing arrangements to allow him to have a quieter environment etc….Helen

This he wrote in March 2013

We are still I hospital.
Yesterday I started on really new medicines.
They have steroids and codeine now and I started to feel a bit better.
My pain is down from 10 outta 10 to 5 outta 10.
They are not going to try the lumbar puncture today – and see how I am. 🙂

But my appetite is not great yet. My nurses are so kind to me. At lunch I was disappointed because the food I ordered wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be…:(
Then I felt disappointed with me for not eating.
But my nurse came in and asked me what I would like to eat? I was definitely happy with that so I had chicken nuggets and chips. Which was nice but wasn’t scrumptious. So I feel full up which is GOOD I suppose. Since I’m feeling better, the doctor says to try and get up and about, to see how I get on. All the staff are LOVELY to me and they all spoil me. Tish my nurse walked a MILE to get me my food which was lovely. I love it here, but I can’t wait to go home. CAN’T WAIT!!!!! 🙂