Fionn’s ongoing headaches mean he misses a LOT of school.  In first year and year 11, and this year, he had MOST absences. In year 8 (before my having brain  surgery, i was able to home tutor Fionn- with an incredible amount of help sent from school every day. However, POST-brain-surgeries I simply do NOT have the application or concentration to decipher work that i would have been able to do….as the old me. So absences have so many issues:

  • whether you are FULLY better
  • whether you are well enough
  • HOW will it be meeting everyone
  • how will it be being behind?
  • ALL THAT uncertainty and WHAT IF?

by Fionn when he was in year 8. (2013)



  • I have been off school for 3 school weeks co of my headache
  • it seems a really long time for a headache to go on
  • I have been in the hospital twice already
  • I still have loads of tablets to take
  • I don’t have a brain tumour – which is a relief- i was kind of shocked when the doctor mentioned a tumour in front of me cos now i am old enough to know what it would mean
  • I still feel rotten
  • though i have to try to go to school soon, cos it seems like people will think I am dead.
  • I wasn’t allowed to text or BBM for ages because it was hurting my eyes and that hurt my head, BUT today mum said to try my friends and see what i missed
  • first i didn’t get that – cos i thought she meant the work  – and I knew what i had missed of it from Mrs H homework notes!
  • she said she meant to ask the boys – ask them what news and fun and craic i had missed.
  • so I have texted a few lads….but no replies yet. YEAH have 2 replies from my friends Harry and Padraig already!
  • some of the boys hardly text back ever, some others get back to you eventually!
  • There are pluses and minuses about going back soon.
  • Pluses:
    • I get to meet my friends again
    • I have been out of touch with them cos of the phone hurting my eyes
    • I get to catch up on my fun subjects
    • it is actually quite boring when you are off for a long time – cos when you are sick in our house, you don’t get to use the PS3 or things like that!
    • I can taunt people with my canteen pass again – that is fun – deciding who gets with me!
    • I am not worried about feeling awkward going back cos my class are nice people
    • I would get my science and Irish tests over and done with and stop revising them!
  • Minuses:
    • I am going to feel weaker walking about all day, cos all i have been doing is lying on the sofa
    • reading hurts my eyes – so i have been not doing much at all
    • i did enjoy it with my mam teaching me!
    • movement of my head hurts…so if i am up and down and moving it could be awful
    • I have to write and haven’t been doing that at home
    • data projectors…they might hurt my eyes having to read at different angles.
    • I wouldn’t be able to able to do PE.
    • I wouldn’t be able to do the running and all that at break so i would miss that!
  • Mum said i could go back for short whiles, but i don’t like the idea of that  cos i don’t like doing things without others doing the same as me.
  • I don’t know what teachers will say to me…cos if the teachers are all nice to me, it might feel a bit awkward.
  • i don’t really want to be the centre of attention – you know with people keeping coming up with “Fionn are you better?”…i hate that stuff.
  • i hope i do get merits for keeping up on all the work!
  • i won’t know , if i manage without feeling worse until i try?
  • we will have to decide tonight…
  • its harder decision than usual cos usually when i am going back i feel happy to go back cos i am better at catching up on everything when i am there.
  • and usually with a sickness it is nearly better by the time i decide to go back, but this time i really don’t feel much head is still splitting…i actually think i feel worse… am a bit nervous how that will be…
  • but if the headache stays fro weeks and weeks i just can;t stay off for that long
  • mum and dad are nervous too of sending me back and how I will feel!

i THINK i should go back… be honest…. but i really DON’T feel up to it!.

How can i decide????

from Fionn