Emotions may NOT be part of the default in aspergers programming, BUT they can be felt, explained, learned, and taken onboard. Fionn has a good grasp of a LOT of emotions…..now! (Helen).

Most people think Aspies don’t know anything about emotions, and they don’t understand other peoples feelings. So i don’t know if we can’t when we are born but i know i can now. So Aspies can learn things just as easily as others!

One day recently a nice lady was saying she read that Asperger’s could be cured!

I dont wan’t want to be CURED…there is nothing wrong with me!

BUT i learn more about how to do normal people things as i get more understanding of how i work.

Emotions i know and feel

Sometimes i feel so many emotions i have to use my word emotious – it describes when loads of feelings are felt at the same time and its a bit hard to untangle them. But i understand lots of feelings!

  • happy -is good. you feel it when you have done something good or you are getting something good or something.
  • sad –i know i am sad when i feel  like crying. I dont very often but i know it feels awful. My sad sometimes doesn’t last as long as other people’s – like at my grandads funeral I was really sad as soon as he died, but then i didnt cry any more.
  • sorry for someone – it feels like you know your friend feels awkward, sad, embarrassed, angry. I kinda pat them on the shoulder sometimes but othertimes i just not sure what to do so i keep my distance. If a friends family member dies, i can text them or say face to face that i know how how it feels, cos my grandad died.
  • hurt by someone-you  kinda feel embarrassed. It can be if people are laughing at me not with me – but this doesn’t happen as often any more. I just try and find a quiet room and stay and think and reflect for a while about what could they really have meant.
  • angry– when i feel angry i feel like my head is about to blow up. I sometimes hear noises in my head and i wish i was sometimes able to scream it out but i usually put a lid on it til i get home…then i can blow up….and maybe after i can calm down with some cooling music.
  • embarrassed- embarrassed feels like annoyed at something that i have done but it was maybe a bit childish or stupid. You definitely know when you are embarrasses that people are laughing at you when you are embarrassed! What i try to do is to laugh at the thing i did and then make it look like i did it on purpose, cos when you can laugh at yourself, people laugh WITH you and that is a really good skill for life. So try not to take the silly things too seriously and see the funny bit.
  • shocked – i feel shocked when someone does something new- like maybe dies their hair. I have to be careful in this kind of situation , not to show it, in case it would be hurtful.
  • scared – i used be so scared of “WHAT IFs” – like what if something bad happens if i am doing something, or what if a big boy comes and pushes me about. As i have got more friends and as more people understand me, these get much less. Like in the choir and band there are lots of seniors and i get on well with them. They were really nice about my article in the paper about Aspergers. I am still scrared of heights and being enclosed in a dark space….plus i have a few sensory ones that i will not talk about 🙂
  • anxious – is still a bit of fear like WHAT IF…if i got teased, if i was asked to sing solo, if i have a test…it gives me tummy butterflies…. but mum always asks me “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” and then i realise there isn’t much proof that anything will go wrong.

Emotions i can recognise in other people.

I have got much better at this cos i have been trying to learn about people..i might do a whole blog about this soon, but i can tell when people are:

  • sademotions
  • frustrated
  • bored
  • embarrassed
  • angry
  • being treated unfairly
  • happy,
  • hurt
  • nervous

so life with Asperger’s does NOT mean you can not accomplish understanding emotions.

Actually cos you have to study people and yourself, maybe you get emotions REALLY well!

from Fionn