this is my 3rd week of being sick – or headachy. (THIS was 3 years ago. But Fionn still has ongoing undiagnosed but very debilitating headaches. He misses MANY school days and as the work becomes harder the effort to catch up is much more and the demands on him as he knowingly falls behind, is of concern to him, to us, and to his school.- Helen)

i have only been at school about 3 days since then.

i have been to the GP two times

i have been in hospital twice as well.

.My headache is so really sore.

it started I am almost convinced by blowing a high note on the cornet and it has not stopped since.

Yesterday was a bit scary cos i heard a doctor saying i could have a brain tumour…and that really scared me. I told mam and we managed to calm me down joking about it!

there are some things that make it loads worse.

i always count pain as a number out of 10.

the best it has been is about a 7….but it goes up to 9 lots…even 10s.

it gets way worse when:

  • i read
  • using my phone
  • i sneeze…worst!
  • i look at a very bright light close up
  • i do a double take look
  • i blow tin whistle
  • when i sniff
  • i shout
  • i go in a lift
  • when i laugh
  • yesterday when i was in the scan and i couldn’t move my head so my eyes had to move without my head to follow the lights..that was awful sore.
  • when i scrunch my eyes up
  • some nights it pulses and i need a really cold cloth.

i have lots of tablets but they don’t take it away.

My scan didn’t show any tumour which was a relief  but it showed no sinus infection too, so we still don’t know what it is and i still have it,

The BAD things of being sick:

  • you can’t do anything fun like playstation 3
  • i can’t read in bed
  •  i don’t get to go places like football training
  • i miss my friends to chat
  • food doesn’t taste as good
  • i feel like i need to just lie down and so i keep your jammies on most of the time
  • i couldn’t even play footie with my brother and it is his birthday today 😦
  • i always feel cold – even though my temperature is low instead of high
  • i cant do music.
  • i have missed my favourite subjects loads of times
  • you get fed up staying sick for a LONG time like 3 weeks!

The GOOD things of being sick:

  • no school – but mum does get the work cos my classroom assistant takes down really clear notes and we know what exactly i am missing in every subject.
  • i am getting loads of nice attention
  • in hospital the nurses are all lovely to me.
  • i met a really nice Doctor called Andrew. He was very kind to me.
  • i sometimes get mum to sleep over – like in the new hospital…where there were brilliant rooms with a mum bed and en-suite in each one.
  • sometimes its really nice to have mum teach me.
  • i get to spend time with my parents

so there are PROS and CONS…but mostly CONS.

i’d like to get better NOW

mum is going to chat Dr Macken tomorrow and see what comes next…cos i cant keep this up!


from Fionn