Fionn always had food issues…ironic as his tendency to mouth toys and objects never failed him. but there were foods that never lasted the “check-it-out” taste test. Socially, he had to be taught NOT to take a sweet he didn’t like out of his mouth and replace it on the plate he took it from!!!….. but we learned 🙂 -Helen


I am just getting my lunch in the hospital, so I decided to blog about my food issues.
hospital dinner today was yummy except there were some peas hidden in it, so I had to get them out and enjoy the rest of it.

when I was younger I had to get all the fussy freaky foods off my plate. at least now I am able to leave they on my plate or sometimes my tray.

by the way I have a massive appetite.

aspergers people have really high sensory issues.
most of my freaky foods are related to how I think they would feel and how they smell.
some of them I have tried and the texture in my mouth makes me boke.
and some I can’t stand the colour of or how they look.

mozarella cheese…it is too feely, touchy, slimy weird …even to cut it up made me feel sick. so no way was I trying my pizza!

green foods…peas,broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts…they all smell really strong so I just coulnt try them. broccoli looks like leafs so I just know it would taste like that.

baked beans…this is my worst one…I think they smell…I can smell them on other people’s plates…plus they are slimeybeans
I really did try a bean once..cos they almost scare me…I had to puke in the kitchen beside the table.

cereals…I do NOT ever like milk on cereal.the milk is bound to make it all soggy and soggy would be rotten to me
I don’t drink milk either except in a cuppa tea.

toast …I can’t eat toast unless it is slightly burnt and crispy and really hot. once it gets cold I don’t go near it.

muesli…it looks like tiny twigs so I coulnt try it.

ordinary cheese…I can’t do it…it looks so shiny and smells so strong.

wheaten bread smells and I think it and brown breads look disgusting.

appletarts…I like apples but appletarts don’t taste bitey like apples…they are very squishy.

crisps…I LOVE crisps but it drives me bats when the wee crumby bits get in my teeth…and I have to poke every one out!

but I do eats lots and lots of foods…my favourite bits are roasties and pancakes 🙂

from Fionn