written March 2013 – on a hospital stay and the difficulties it caused….Helen

I am in hospital tonight with my heaches again.
and I have to spend the night trying to get to sleep.

I love my own bed.

I can never sleep on planes
the harxer I try the more I fail.

in this room the problems are…
there is a clock
there is a tv- turned off
there is a sound coming from the taps that makes a click noise
there is a lot of light and I can’t stop looking at it…cos I feel I am attracted to it like a moth to a flame.

at home in my room I can go to sleep in my room

when I was younger I used to open curtains and look outside
or read loads and loads of books
ir keep changing the cd
in bright summer evenings I find it hard to sleep cos of the sun coming in

now I try to do sleep helping things like
dig my face into the pillow so that I shut out thingstigger
lisren to relaxing music
I have a really comfy place in my bed beside the heater so that makes me sleepy

but tonight I have to find a way

from fionn