going back to school after weeks off…..and an “implosion” …so disappointed in himself…

Fionn has been off school for almost a fortnight.

He really has had a desperate HEADACHE, and very poor form.

Today was honestly the first day that he was more like himself – although not yet pain-free…so another week on this new drug regime for his sinuses.

So he feels he wants to go to school tomorrow…not least as he has  gaelic match after school!! And Mr R says its really important to show commitment! So we will give him a go.


It has been an insight in home tutoring!

I have to say, his classroom assistant has been phenomenal – SENCO didn’t redeploy her…so she has been him for the fortnight.

  • Everyday sending detailed notes on class content,
  • what notes to take into book
  • homework
  • photocopied sheets.
  • couldn’t have been made any easier for us.

Weirdly insightful was how you can’t really replicate the languages! 30 minutes in class playing around with and using the vocabulary in context can’t really be replaced at home! These were the only subjects that weren’t easy to keep going.

His head hurt so much that writing was hurting – or rather reading was…so he dictated and I wrote. I KNOW i wrote on each book,as i did the work that this was why….but tonight had 3 notes to get ready

  1. note to form teacher – normal absence reasons.
  2. note to teachers- just in case – he wants to be sure to be sure nobody will not understand why i did the writing!! – over cautious – but then it is a first long absence in new school…
  3. note to his assistant filling her in on the details on how he is.

So he is happy.



he remembers he needs his PE kit tomorrow.

where is it?

remembers he had it out last Tuesday when he was up and dressed for school but i took him to the Doctor who said no school…and he remembers that he took his schoolbag out of the car but not the PE bag.

I left here at 7.30 and came back at 9.30…

they were still searching for the bag…

we tried to retrace the day and he remembered but he knew he hadn’t brought in the PE kit.

we checked EVERY room in the house.

found a reasonably good replacement and promised to write another note…

but was so annoyed.

I was doing bedtime cuddles…was so annoyed and asked him why is this such a big thing?

 He said :

“am so let down in myself . am so unorganised. Dad told me to take the bag upstairs and i cant even manage to do that without putting something in the wrong place and losing it! am so annoyed with me”

So i said, “well listen what’s the worst thing that happens here?”

he had not idea as he was so down…

I said “Fionn we get another kit!”.

But he said :

“its not the same, i cant even do a simple thing like that am so unorganised. am so upset at myself”

so i got up and put back on the light and started the search again….

and under the blazer on the bedpost there was a big lump….a BAG.

well he jumped up and grabbed it….now had to empty EVERYTHING out to be sure…and hugged and hugged me. He was so “emotious”. So i said “see you DID put it away. so you DID do it properly!”.

and he says so no i will be able to sleep…

and then realised that in the morning when he lifted his blazer he would have found it,

but NOW he could sleep…his sense of disappointment gone.