we were nominated for a reality blog award for this post. Am so so delighted for Fionn. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SO INCREDIBLE in you genuinely open responses. We were delighted to share the fact that we have come a long way, and share the sadder days!

Please look!
Helen and Fionn


I sometimes get cross when people talk about Fionn, and comment oh but he’s not bad!

First of all, its not a question of scale.

But so few really knew Fionn when he was young.

And to see him now and assume he was always this capable of integrating is really NOT seeing the learning capacity of a child with Asperger’s….with targeted and consistent targets. Fionn is 16 now. And he is aged 16 with asperger’s confusing issues which are now related to age and stage academically. That is what we would expect. Resilience is not REMOVAL of all potential PROBLEMS….. But it is so much worth what we have all invested in Fionn….. and have all learned  from Fionn .


Today Fionn and I took out 2 books, we books about “me” – that he had produced at the end of his first year – the one he really couldn’t…

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