This week and last week I have had a absolute splitting headache.
It started when I was playing in brass band. We had to do a big crescendo and I got a real bad pain.
I have pretty much done nothing since except lie on the sofa with my ipad.
Last sunday I started to get really cold. And we checked had I a temperature but it was actually lower than it should be.
I have been feeling rotten and cold since.
Mum brought me to the doctor on tuesday, and cos it was still really bad last night the doctor made me come up to Children’s Ward.
I am being treated like ROYALTY they are all so nice to me.
They always get a shock cos taking blood never hurts me- that kinda makes me laugh when they offer all the creams and stuff cos I really don’t see what the fuss is about.
Look at the cool Starlight machine – its a Wii and a Bluray player. How cool is that?
I have my own TV, ensuite bathroom, a mum bed for staying over, a shower…its cool.
Hospital is always fun and they are always nice to me so I am hoping that I stay for ages 🙂

From Fionn