asperger’s words of wisdom….love them!

Sometimes Fionn throws out an obvious but not normally observed statement…and the strangest things occur to him…and it’s what makes us laugh so many times!

  1. why do teachers say answer the questions on the board….and there is no question mark?
  2. did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons? Cos if they weren’t born they have no cords to knot? – and when he asked a priest friend this he said “I’d say God did give them some so they wouldn’t feel different “…to which he jumped and said “What’s wrong with being different??”
  3. IF  God made Adam and Eve…then we are descended from Adam and Eve, then we must all be related!?
  4. If we are all God’s children….and God sent Jesus and he was his only Son….then what are the rest of us all? we must be his daughters?
  5. When my father is complaining about his £500 pair of glasses having never been comfortable (as he has for years) Fionn pipes up “then why did you buy them?”
  6. what is the point of fireworks? When you have seen them once – then they are always the same thing!
  7. why would i need to go to Confession? I am a good child? why would i have to tell sins if i don’t do bad things?
  8. why if i would never be racist can i not just say what colour someone is? like if i an peachy? and i can say what colour eyes are and everything else…why not skin?

wish had written them down…

will add more as i remember then..

so so many!

mum x

7 thoughts on “asperger’s words of wisdom….love them!

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  2. The Firefighter

    I heard you on the radio this morning, and you are amazing I hope the whingers of the country listened to you, they would realise maybe then how little they have to worry about. I have a piece of music for you to listen to when you get chance, it’s called “O Mio Babino Caro” translated, O My Beloved Father, hope you enjoy and again well spoken, you’re an inspiration to many.

  3. Michelle

    Love this! Totally get the Confession thing. I used to stress about it and then just make things up to confess!
    My five year old started school last month and the religious studies are already confusing him.

    1. helenhamill Post author

      Yesterday we were in Chapel, and they were celebrating opening of new alcove built into wall for oils…. He said ” what did they have all this fuss for? Couldn’t they have bought a press for about a tenner and put them in it! ”
      You gotta love it!


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