The VERY UNEXPECTED effect of writing a BLOG , and a post that people LOVE…attention…and NOT a natural thing for an autistic child. BLOGGING is not visible….. It was THIS blog : which hit thousands of readers and went global…Fionn was 12.



Today i made my first appearance, well not quite appearance on the RADIO.

I’d never been in a radio recording studio before, so i was really interested and excited.

I was sort of nervous, cos it was something i hadn’t done before, but mostly excited cos i was going to be on the radio.

My mummy and daddy were with me. Daddy was with me because he had to talk too, but mummy tagged along cos i wouldn’t fancy going without her…she helps to relax me…and to pay attention.

We got to get used to the room for a while cos they couldn’t get the sound connection.

But they soon did – with dad’s help!

The interviewer was called John Murray – he sounded like a pretty nice guy on the radio. He was easy to talk to and he didn’t ask anything outrageously hard.

He asked me:

  • do you like having Asperger’s?
  • do you know anyone else who has Asperger’s?
  • is it hard making friends?
  • what sort of hobbies do you have?
  • how Asperger’s makes me different?
  • bad habits my Asperger’s gives me?
  • he asked me about the words i make up like emotious, sensatious, and a squish
  • things that are challenging about Asperger’s – like I talked about sensory issues, like smell, noise, drool, baked-bean-phobia, hair smells
  • he asked me things that i find hard and how i cope – and i used football matches as an example…like when i was little i hated going to games cos i hated the noise of the crowd…but mum and dad kept pushing me to go and i got used to it and i actually now am one of the loudest shouters at the match.
  • he asked me do i find school tricky and will it be worse when i go to Grammar – i explained to him I was already in St Michaels. He asked me what did i find useful when managing all the subjects and i said the way in revision time mummy and daddy write out new stuff when i am doing them in school – its really useful cos i am always prepared and a wee step in front.
  • he asked about what was the best thing about being different – and i said being able to think outside the box- like i do in maths and stuff and geography.
  • i told him i love music …and he asked about the instruments i play and when i play and i told him that i play when i am about to go to bed. He asked did that not drive the neighbours mad, but i told him i have a digital drum kit. I told him loved band.
  • He asked mum and Dad a few questions about stuff – i wasn’t really paying attention at that time…cos i was kinda i have a headache!
  • But it was funny he caught me red handed cos he asked me a question and i was not paying attention and i was just lying back in the chair! so it took me a few seconds to get my head back in the game.

it all went really well.

i LOVED it

he asked me what i wanted to be when i am older…i told him when i was little i wanted to be a fire-engine! But now sometimes i think maybe be in a band, or a chef or a footballer, or a policeman.

But after the interview i might be a DJ…

so watch out John Murray….Fionn Hamill’s at yer back! .

🙂 by Fionn