Fionn’s first personal contact with Adam Harris – and  ( in it’s new title) – the first autism ambassador he encountered.

and a great one! And thankfully still a friend and contact for us. (Helen-mum)

Dear Adam,

i’d just like to say a big big huge thankyou for all the inspiration you gave me when you were on the radio. You are a really confident Aspie…i mistook you for a normal person  🙂

when mum you’d read my blog i was really happy cos i knew you were really good with your Aspergers and it hasn’t given you any problems.

But when you asked me to guest blog on your Website ( ) i was really taken aback and very happy and excited to be blogging. When i blogged every day for that week, even though i can be a lazy (am actually speaking this and making mum type! lol) i really found it enjoyable.

But cos of you lots of people started to see my blog.

Other charities asked could they copy bits.

and finally my blog was put onto website. We couldnt believe it. 20000 people looked and lots of people shared it on their facebooks.  And i started getting lots of comments from Aspies, People who have sons and daughters who have Aspergers, teachers and just some ordinary people who said i explained it really well. mum answered them and i answered a few. My sister even now follows my blog and she is really nice in replying to me.

This week mum got phone calls from RTE and Newstalk to see would I chat them and describe myself and my Asperger’s.  The people from the radio seemed really nice and chatty so I am not really nervous.

I said yes because i really want other people to know how it is like having Aspergers. Cos I am really proud of my Asperger’s!

The local paper wrote me some questions and I answered them, so I think that is going in the paper.

But i really am glad you inspired me and you encouraged me so much to write.

I really would like to meet you some day.

And a big congratulations on winning the Asperger’s Ambassador Award. You deserve it.

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