I really started blogging cos mum and Doctor Duffy called me an Ambassador for Autism.

Dr Duffy said she once say this boy who was at college in Scotland and he gave a talk to Doctors on Autism and she said he was proud to be autistic and that she had learned so much more from him than any other speaker ever about Autism.

At first i didn’t know what an Ambassador was, but i had doctor Duffy a piece of work of mine. It was a fact file about me when i was ten. She read it and she asked could she allow other people to read it. I said yeah,  no bother. She said it would be helpful if a child didn’t like having autism.

Mum and i talked about an ambassador – and it is someone who stands up for something and are a good example of the something.

The 2 ambassadors i know who have Asperger’s are Temple Grandin and Adam Harris.

We heard Adam Harris on the radio and i thought he was a really example of of an autistic person being able to do what he wants. He sounded really happy, and really normal and not really nervous. It showed he must have had parents like mine who helped him deal with things.

I know loads of geniuses who had autism cos they were able to think outside the box and concentrate on what small but powerful things they wanted to. Like Einstein, Mozart, Mark Zuckerberg  Bill Gates, and they all did things out of the ordinary that they thought would be great. Like Mark Zuckerberg probably made facebook cos he maybe didn’t like talking to people face to face.  i don’t need to be a genius but i just want to be somebody who can do something they love and still be good at it.

I didn’t know what a blog was and mum said she would set it up and her friend @auntyAmo helped her set one up .  It was for writing blogs or short paragraph bits that helped others others understand how autism feels. and if they had autism to maybe help them get used to it.And let them know that having asperger’s doesn’t mean we are gonna be less capable of doing stuff than anyone else is and we are definitely not stupid. i don’t like it being called a disorder, or a disability or a disadvantage it just means we are different. We can still have fun, have friends, do good school work, have good future chances.

i like telling my friends i have Asperger’s cos they can see i am a bit different, and then at least they understand why i am the way i am. I told my new class in one sentence…i said “i am autistic, and that’s nothing to do with how smart or dumb i am. it just makes me a bit different.” It was easy to do cos we had told the school teachers that i do like them to know, so my form teacher made everybody say what about them was different. Nobody has pick on me or bullied me or laughed  at me cos of it. The boys don’t even seem to notice, i am just me.

We called it autisticandproud because that was a phrase we used to say….cos i like my condition, and am proud that i’m the way i am cos of it.


When people write really kind comments about my blog i really feel touched and it makes me think that i should do more. i can’t believe how many people have read and said nice things about it.

Adam Harris encouraged me to write a blog a day for a week and that really got me lots of peoples views. They all say i help somehow. So i will keep blogging:) and i hope it helps other Aspies.

by Fionn