Fionn is a very capable and articulate boy.

One of his gifts is his ability to explain his condition – Asperger’s.

We talk about it a lot, and he understands it so well, and has a self-awareness beyond his years.

His paediatrician – Dr Mairead Duffy, mentioned a few years ago that he had a gift, and that he something to bring to the world of Asperger’s.

We decided to start a blog, and allow him to explain a few things.

He is the specialist on his condition!

the response to the blog has been overwhelming – probably to a degree that he really can’t grasp.

For safety reasons we manage the blog for Fionn…but his words are his own!


for listening.

He hopes it will help other children LOVE their condition, or their difference as he refers to it.


Please follow his journey!