I don’t like Punishments.

I know that sometimes it’s for my own good, but when people punish m for something I didn’t do, it really gets my goat. ( I used a idiom there! )
Here are a few things that happened…

Around p6 in the canteen the boys were telling the dinner lady, Adelaide, to shake her butt. And then one of the girls told and all of the boys got in trouble. I didn’t think it was fair cos I didn’t do anything. Why should I have been punished?

In p6 the girls were complaining that they always got hit by the balls in the playground. So, the vice principle brought in these sponge football that you couldn’t kick into school and said that we had to use them. That was really annoying cos it’s not our fault that the girls hung out around the goals. Was it?

I hate it when the teacher keeps everyone inside over lunch cos someone doesn’t own up to something they did. Its really annoying cos everybody knows who did it and the person knows he did it and just lies to the teacher cos they don’t want to get into trouble.

In PE today our teacher was really steaming cos he and the team lost the MacRrory game. He said that anyone who didn’t go to the game had to do a lap of the school. I was pissed cos if the team had won then he wouldn’t care. He’s just a bad loser. There was one boy who didn’t have to do a punishment cos he’s disabled. I know he’s disabled and all, but he should have got a punishment of some sort. It wasn’t really fair. Mum explained would u prefer to do a lap or not be able to run.

All in all when I get punishment, i don’t get pissed cos I get a punishment, i get pissed cos its unfair.


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