From day one, we discussed difference. Not less, not wrong. In fact Fionn could identify features as distinct strengths that he had due to his aspergers. (Helen)


The strengths that my aspergers gives me

Lots of people would say that autism is a disease that makes you unable to learn and be sociable. To be 100% honest I don’t know if that’s true. If it is then I’m an exception.
I’m sure of this. I get really angry when people say that they’ve found a cure for autism cos that makes it seem like its awful and it’s a terrible thing to have. Believe me it’s not.
Here are the strengths my autism gives me…

1) I’m able to think outside the box. Which is good cos I have different ideas from everyone else. This could give me a wide range of jobs in the future, such as an inventor, games designer, engineer etc.

2) I concentrate on my own interests and fascinations. A example was when I was younger I LOVED Star Wars. I’d watch the DVDs all the time. But when someone else said that Star Wars was crap it didn’t bother me.

3) I absolutely 100% can’t lie! I mean if I try to lie I fail epically. This is  a strength cos I know because I can’t lie, there’s no point in lying so I don’t lie which makes me a  better child. But sometimes I laugh when I tell the truth and mum thinks that I’m lying and says it was ME who farted or whatever. Which is kinda annoying.

4) it makes me a better friend cos I never ever make fun of anyone. I’m always honest to my friends which makes me more reliable. I also stick up for my friends if they’re getting teased or anything. That makes me a better friend.

5)  it helps me to make friends with the right kind of people. At first I’d just watch them and see what they’re like. If they seem rude or bold I’ll try and avoid them. If they’re nice I’ll talk to them and make friends

6) when something bad or rude is happening i walk away which is a REAL strength! Cos I don’t like getting into trouble.

7)  I have the ability when someone is being nasty I just turn off my ears and not listen. Mum says I’m like a turtle cos when everyone else is getting pissed off I just pull up my shell and not listen.

8) my aspergers makes me think differently so when I’m listening to music I might change a note or two so it sounds nicer and sweeter. It makes me really imaginative and clever like willy wonka.

9) I know how to chill out after being stressed. I usually watch a film or listen to music.

Those are my autism strengths


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