Weelllll, if i (as mum) could UPDATE this now, there would be another few…but then WHO hasn’t got a teenaged to threaten their sanity? But THIS was Fionn’s worst habits through his eyes aged 12 and a half!…..Helen.


 i couldn’t make up my mind what blog to write today, and then i started to do something that drives mother crazy – so i decided to blog about my most annoying habits.

  • i chew my clothes. i used to do it more when i was younger, but i still do it now. i do it when i’m nervous. when i was in primary school i used to bite the cuffs of my sweatshirts or sometimes the neck of it. The OT gave me chewie toys but they were all very female looking so i didn’t like to use them as i may have got teased!
  • I put up my right shoulder when i get nervous – its weird cos i think it happens if i am trying to look cool and relaxed. my shoulder goes away up to near my ear. I don’t notice that i am doing it until mam or dad says “Fionn shoulder down”.This is a recent one i have only done it for a few years. Sometimes if i get reminded not to do it, i still do it.
  • really early on i couldn’t make eye contact like most aspies have problem with. Mam and Lorna my primary school classroom assistant used to tell me to look at them and even though i was hard i get used to doing it. But still if i am talking to a stranger, or an important person i sometimes stretch my neck up too high. Mam says i am like a turtle and tells me to put it down :)
  • in primary school i couldn’t sit still and was jigging, swinging on the chair and things like that. I knew it used to annoy people sitting near me. Now i have a comfy way of sitting – i sit on my let knee and my right knee goes up in the air. I can even do it on a lab stool. When i was going to my grammar school that was one thing they were worried about, but we showed them one day in the office the LS advisor and my new , assistant and my new form teacher, that i couldn’t really even have a proper conversation if i couldn’t sit in my comfy shape. Now none of the teachers mind at all.It is my most balanced position!
  • one of my specialist interests was Doctor Who. There was one episode in it where “the Master” – another Time lord had a tapping sound that only he could hear. It kinda got in my head. I couldn’t stop doing it! on the desk, on the floor, with my pencil, with my nails, with my knuckles with my feet…it was driving the class mad and i didn’t even know i was doing it. My closest friend then Mattie was sitting beside me – he used to put his hand on mine to stop me, and Lorna my assistant would do the same thing.
  • When i am bored, or sometimes when the world seems too quiet i sing.(sometimes i try to whistle but i am bad at that). I don’t realise i am singing until someone stares at me and i realise what i am doing. When mam is helping me with my homework and i start singing, she says her FAVOURITE catchphrase “If you are singing….you are not listening!”. No offence mum!
  • i scribble. Scribbling isn’t a bad habit except i kinda do it during lessons when i should be concentrating.
  • i play drums – its really good cos i love music and it is really good for kids with ADHD- cos they have to do so many things at once. BUT when a tune is in my head, it starts being drummed out on the floor. That’s what i was doing when i decided to do this blog. Mum calls it Tap-dancing – i still think it is pretty awesome.
  • i interrupt a lot. I don’t mean to but i think what is in my head can’t wait.
  • the thing i do that drives dad mad, is if i think something is really exciting, or hilarious, on the computer, or on the play station, i have to call him in to watch! i do understand why this is a bad habit cos i could be annoying others or boring them with things they aren’t into and it would not be good if i did this with friends.
  •  when i recite scenes from DVDs or episodes of TV shows it drives the family bats – all except my brother Caoilte – he is 10 and he usually helps me! But somebody else will shout “Fionn you are doing scenes” – and they tell me if i do another scene then i am not allowed to watch that show any more, That works for me!!
  • i am incredibly untidy. I don’t mean to be but i really am. As soon as i come into the house its like a tornado hit. My shoes are off and everywhere, my blazer is off and somewhere, my tie is off somewhere else, often my shirt is off as well.as i like doing homework in my nude top!. Then the books. My books are everywhere. Mum and the school did subject colour coding which helps me bring in the right books, but i am still a messy worker.
  • i never put stuff away in the right place. So my bedroom can be a bit of a kip. Mum and dad do tell me to clean it for independence, but it often has piles of clean laundry to put hanging up, bed to be made, books everywhere cos i love reading  and socks everywhere…cos i take them off when i feel warm and throw them around my room.

But overall i am pretty ok. I am different. I know there are bits i have to work at, but everybody has. So i don’t mind too much